New Warriors #5 (V3)

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New Warriors #5 (Volume 3)

The New Warriors learn that Albert Einstein, Leonard Da Vinci, Virginia Woolf, and Seigmund Freud are all simulacrums made by none other than The Mad Thinker, and the abduction of the pets was simply to draw to the New Warriors to them.

The simulacrums explain that the New Warriors were the least powerful team they could find, and thus the least amount of threat, for which they could begin their studies, in hopes of eventually eradicating the human race. When they say after the Warriors they will begin with a team such as the Great Lakes Avengers. This of course, sends the Warriors into an attack frenzy.

Within the compound, Debrii and Microbe arrive, but are greeted by a “security” droid that shocks Microbe, who consequently falls on top of Debrii, knocking them both out for a short bit. When they come around, they find a room full of robotic parts, ready for mass production. Elsewhere, the other Warriors find themselves being beaten by the simulacrums, mostly by verbally defeating them. At that moment, the wall comes tumbling down and a huge robot made of various pieces and parts comes bursting through, controlled internally by none other than Debrii.

With the arrival of Debrii the tide of battle turns and the New Warriors manage to pull off a victory. With the simulacrums destroyed, the pets restored to their rightful owners, the Warriors walk away. Unseen to them, a young boy picks up a metallic part and says he found the part he needs for himself, revealing that perhaps some of the citizens, or even all of them, could be simulacrums themselves!