Darkhawk #14 (V1)

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The fight between Venom and Darkhawk continues, and while Venom seems to have the upper hand in the matter, when Darkhawk swings near the wreckage, Venom lets him go, puzzling Darkhawk (who is unaware of Venom’s aversion to fire and high frequency sounds).

The scene shifts and we see Grace tied to a chair surrounded by several officers which she recognizes. One of the officers, Fred, explains that they have their own form of justice going, which is what they use the Savage Steel armor for. The officers explain that they’re leery of letting her go, as she might go straight to the law and reveal what they’re doing.

The scene changes and Mike Powell is sharing a drink with Philippe Bazin in the Caribbean. Bazin demands to know what he needs to know, and Mike explains that if anything happens to him, the paper work that explains all the pay offs Bazin has made will be made public.

The scene shifts again, and we see Tombstone speaking with a mystic by the name if Idnar, to try and unlock the power of the Darkhawk amulet. Idnar casts a spell and is blanketed in a wave of fear, rambling how he does not want to know more about the amulet. We also learn that Tombstone’s motive is to get back at Hydra, who had made a fool of him (in the pages of Daredevil #293).

At the same moment that Idnar casts the spell on the amulet, Darkhawk who has surmised that Venom is fearful of fire is walking through the lush tropical forest with two torches, when the pain strikes him. Venom uses his webbing to snatch the torches away from Darkhawk and dispose of them into the ocean. Venom seems to have the advantage throughout the fight, until Darkhawk thinks of his family and how he needs him. This gives him the edge to beat Venom, who seems to die (as far as Darkhawk can tell) from the beating Darkhawk gives him. Darkhawk returns to the wreckage and grabs a raft and motor from the wreckage to use. Finding a compass, he heads in the same direction that the plane had been flying before crashing. Venom stands on the shoreline, thinking how Darkhawk was an innocent, and meant Venom no harm; so Venom had played possum to allow Darkhawk to escape and believe he was dead.

Darkhawk arrives on the island that he believes Bazin is on and is greeted by men with machetes. Darkhawk beats them and heads into the jungle, coming across Bazin and his men as they are about to execute Mike Powell. While Darkhawk manages to save his father from execution, Lodestone is there to attack Darkhawk. Seeing that Darkhawk is missing his amulet, Bazin picks up a gun and takes aim at Darkhawk, but is tackled by Mike Powell. However, Bazin draws a knife and stabs Mike Powell between the ribs, leaving him to bleed to death while Lodestone handles Darkhawk. Lodestone uses the wreckage around to form a circle that binds Darkhawk’s hands and feet. Bazin takes aim with his gun, taking aim at the hole in Darkhawk’s chest where the amulet had once been. Mike however, manages to reach over, pick up one of the guns and fires at Philippe Bazin. Philippe collapses. Darkhawk manages to do a dark force blast that strikes Lodestone, despite not having the amulet, and collapses in the process. He crawls to his father, who, with his dying words, asks Darkhawk to take care of his family, and make sure others like Bazin do not rise in power; and that even the other side, the law enforcement, who have taken the law into their own hands, are just as dangerous.