New Warriors #10 (V5)

New Warriors #10 (V5)


The issue begins with High Evolutionary, on board his ship, operating on a creature, trying to extract its DNA. He reflects on how it had been the Eternal known as Phastos who had created the Evolutionaries that now served him. High Evolutionary, and the few remaining Evolutionaries find themselves suddenly under attack by the New Warriors, who used High Evolutionary’s own technology within Mount Wundagore to track him down. High Evolutionary tries to take down Sun Girl with a blast, since she had been the one who destroyed his beam – but Haechi stands between them and absorbs the blast, turning into the bull-lion creature, breathing flame back towards High Evolutionary.

All of this allows for High Evolutionary to be distracted, allowing Hummingbird to get the drop on him, revealing all of High Evolutionary’s fears – which primarily center on the arrival of the Celestials judging the Earth to be doomed. High Evolutionary bats them all away and grabs Scarlet Spider by the throat and connects him to a device, explaining that all mutants, Inhumans, Atlanteans, clones, and those corrupted by magic or science must be purged – and that he will use the Scarlet Spider to power, what he calls his “Gene-Bomb.” Justice calls in Silhouette who teleports Jake Waffles and Mr. Whiskers, guns blazing. Mr. Whiskers blasts one of the Evolutionaries, devolving him back to his cave man state. Hummingbird takes control of one of the High Evolutionaries and commands him to attack High Evolutionary himself, while Watersnake frees Scarlet Spider from the Gene-Bomb. High Evolutionary, tired of the battle never going right – tries to blast Jake Waffles in the back – but Mr. Whiskers, despite all of his claims of not being friends – dives in the way and takes the hit, incinerating his body to dust.

The New Warriors look on in horror, as Jake Waffles runs his hands through the ashes that had once been Mr. Whiskers. The tide of the battle turns as the same Evolutionary that Hummingbird had controlled found himself free of her control, with her concentration broken. He strikes her from behind. Speedball sees this and tries to attack, but the Evolutionary blasts him. The Evolutionary hears the sound of a “Click” and turns to see Scarlet Spider holding the gun of Mr. Whiskers. Scarlet Spider fires and knocks the Evolutionary unconscious. Justice in the meantime, furious that High Evolutionary had murdered Mr. Whiskers, beats High Evolutionary senseless with telekinetic blasts.

Just when things seem to have calmed down, the Eternal make a dramatic entrance.