Nova #31 (V5)

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Nova #31 (V5)

The issue begins with reflecting on a time, one year ago… The Nova Corps are being celebrated by P.E.G.A.S.U.S., but Nova spots Darkhawk sitting on the roof of one of the buildings, looking down at everyone, brooding. So he flies up there to talk with Darkhawk, who explains that everyone loves Nova, and the Nova Corps, and that he (Darkhawk) will always be second rate and never achieve the recognition that Nova has earned. Nova counters that Darkhawk was a great help during the Skrull Invasion, and explains that his (Nova) “rise to fame” did not come easily during the Annihilation War. The comic flips to the current time, and we see Nova on the Shard World (a world made up of shards), which Irani informs him is “unstable at best.” Nova insists on finding Darkhawk, and refuses to leave him to die, just like he refuses to believe his friend is a murderer. At that moment, Dakrhawk flies past Nova at “four times the speed of sound.” Nova gives pursuit and pours on the juice, but Darkhawk evades him. Nova turns and pursues Darkhawk into a canyon where Worldmind informs Nova that the backwash of his Nova force is causing the canyon to collapse around him, which happens. Darkhawk pauses, concerned for Rich, which gives Nova just what he needs to burst from the canyon and tackles Darkhawk.

Darkhawk changes his armor, which loosens Nova’s hold. Nova’s surprises and Darkhawk makes another break for it, but tired of chasing him, Nova simply nails Darkhawk with a gravametric pulse.

The comic then goes to six hours before this, where we see Zan training Trey, Lindy, Marrow, Qubit, Irani, and Fraktur. Fraktur is complaining about being cut down to probationary status and being given a “fight stick” as a weapon. Zan makes a deal that if Fraktur can connect and hit him just once, she will be reinstated. Fraktur lunges forward, and with little effort, Zan side steps, his arms kept behind his back. Fraktur is somewhat surprised, but quickly recovers and tries to hit with her tail, which Zan ducks under. Fraktur howls and is about to crush Zan with her fists, when suddenly she can’t move. Zan explains that he is using a small fraction of the Nova Power to keep her frozen. Then he lifts his index finger and concentrates a small amount of the Nova Force into a single, powerful compressed grav-pulse, that he strikes Fraktur in the forehead with, rendering her unconscious effortlessly.

The issue goes back to the present, where Nova asks Darkhawk to trust him and help him through this. Just as Darkhawk agrees, a giant, organic tendril reaches through The Fault and lands on the Shard World. It immediately begins hatching creatures. Worldmind informs Nova that it has received a distress call from Kree Archeologists who have not yet left the planet. Nova and Darkhawk immediately turn around and go to rescue them. The creatures begin swarming down on the Kree. Darkhawk switches to battle mode, unleashing an assortment of weapons upon the creatures while Nova begins gathering the Kree Archeologists. Nova gathers the Kree into a tent, but learns that their leader is down in the catacombs. Nova flies those Kree to the ship, and flies back down into the catacombs. He thinks he found Darkhawk, only to be blasted by someone wearing Darkhawk’s armor – except for a few slight differences, including a green gem. The blast takes Nova by surprises and knocks him back. Darkhawk arrives, and Nova, believing it was Darkhawk who attacked him, returns the favor. But then the other “Darkhawk” arrives and blasts them both. On board the ship, Worldmind informs everyone that she’s lost contact with Nova Prime and Darkhawk; but before anyone can do anything the planet finally collapses upon itself.