Nova (V7) #7

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Nova #7 (V7)

The issue begins with Sam’s young sister, Kalelynn awakening from a nightmare about how her father left, and that Sam left after that; and then the whole world got so dark that she couldn’t find her mother anymore, either. Sam comforts her, and returns to his room to find his helmet blinking. Putting it on, he gets a recorded message from the clone of his father, saying that he’s located the Chitauri Cloning Ship, and that he needs Sam’s help to put an end to it. Sam manages to arrive and find the cloning ship; but there doesn’t appear to be anyone on the ship… until he finds himself attacked by robots who are trying to remove his helmet and exterminate him! Sam ends up in the cloning room and finds his father’s helmet, only to be attacked by the robots again. Sam finds the original clone of his father, who is fatally wounded. The clone explains that everything about the cloning center is an abomination, including himself. He explains that Sam’s father is not aboard the ship, and that Sam needs to leave; and then proceeds to self destruct the entire cloning ship; Sam manages to escape but is rendered unconscious, when he’s suddenly visited by what appears to be his father. Sam snaps out of it, and finds his father’s helmet drifting in space next to him. Sam returns to Earth and tells his mother that he has to go find his father, and to tell his sister that he will be back.