New Warriors #7 (V5)

New Warriors #7 (V5)


The issue begins with Haechi seeing fellow “Inhumans” that had been chasing him – Hollow, Spark, and Fume – give the command to burn the whole place down, with the intent of killing Haechi’s grandmother and two sisters, along with Sun Girl and Justice. However, acting quickly, Haechi absorbs the blast – but in doing so, changes his form into what Hollow calls a Korean Dragon. By doing so, Haechi is able to save the lives of everyone; and Fume and Spark seem thoroughly confused at the level of Haechi’s powers, while Hollow explains that Lash will be pleased with this new change in Haechi. Justice reacts by taking out Fume; however, Hollow becomes intangible and Justice’s telekinetic attack passes through him. Hollow scoffs at Haechi’s claw attack, explaining that he can’t hurt him while he’s intangible; however, when Haechi breathes fire, Hollow feels it and commands another, unseen Inhuman, by the name of Nightfall to take them away – Sun Girl who had been reaching for Haechi, is teleported away as well; leaving Justice there, with Haechi’s grandmother and two sisters.

The scene shifts to Mount Wundagore, where Speedball engages Watersnake in a discussion, of how he thinks that she’s Namorita – that possibly she sustained some kind of head injury and got her head implanted with some kind of false memories. Watersnake finally has enough and leaves down the hall. At that moment, a hologram of Justice appears, explaining that they need to stop what they’re doing and that there’s an urgent matter to take care of.

We see, somewhere on Earth, three figures make landfall – their intentions unknown. One of them, the leader simply states, “Now we prepare for the master’s return.”

The scene goes back to Mount Wundagore, where Hummingbird, Scarlet Spider, and Mr. Whiskers, are seeking out the evil that Watersnake sensed. As they focus, dark shadows creep towards them, yet Hummingbird can not sense it; it’s Mr. Whiskers, who turns and hisses at the shadows; but the evil has already withdrew when suddenly Speedball informs them through the intercom that they have to get ready to move; Sun Girl and Haechi have been captured.

The scene once again shifts, and we see Haechi held up by chains, made of pure shadows. Sun Girl awakens, and tries to free Haechi, and finds that even touching the chains causes her a great amount of pain. She sees that Hollow, Spark and Fume have returned – with another Inhuman, calling himself Jack Chain. Hollow explains to Sun Girl, how he was reborn when the Terrigen Mist was released; unleashing the “inhuman” potential within him. Sun Girl takes a swing at Hollow, and he makes himself intangible, so that her fist passes harmlessly through him. He then gives the command to kill her. Fume lights up the place around her, and Sun Girl jumps into the flames. They are surprised by her choice to seemingly kill herself – but from beyond the flames, the familiar blasts from her armor ring through – missing all of them. They laugh at her efforts, saying that she missed. But Haechi explains, from behind them, that they were never her target – the chains that bound him were. Haechi absorbs the flames, and once again, resumes the form of the Korean Dragon.

Justice meets Speedball, Hummingbird, Speedball and Scarlet Spider at Wundagore and explains to them, that the Inhumans that took Haechi and Sun Girl, used Darkforce to teleport – and he knew someone who was a resident expert in such matters. From the shadows, Silhouette emerged.

The scene shifts back to Haechi and Sun Girl; he has managed to render Hollow and the others incapable of pursuit, so Haechi grabs Sun Girl and makes their way down the hall… Only to run into the tribe’s leader, Lash, and his two other underlings – Razor Girl and 3-Eye!

One final scene shift for the issue, sees Justice, Speedball, Hummingbird, Scarlet Spider and Watersnake, teleported by Silhouette (who is not with them), into what appears to be a warehouse full of armored punks.