Nova #16 (V5)

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Nova #16 (V5)

This issue begins with a distress call from the planet, Dendron, in the vicinity of 320 Leonid, which is sending out a distress call of reported Phalanx Infestation within the rain forest.

As Nova enters the giant rain forest, he can’t help but think of how he had once longed for the day that Worldmind would not be inside his head nagging; but now, nineteen hours later, he finds that he misses Worldmind quite a bit and feels tremendously guilty for being the sole reason that the legacy of the Xandarian culture has now been lost.

Nova arrives to a scene and finds Botanist Maow – but is taken by surprise when Botanist Maow and the kids who he said were there – all change form and attack him – appearing to all be some version of a super Skrulls, ranging from the powers of various X-Men, Avengers, even villains such as Doctor Octopus and Sandman! With the help of Kl’rt, the original Super Skrull – Nova is able to turn the tide of battle.

However, a Skrull V’Rukk Class Attack Ship rises up and gives pursuit. Nova and Super Skrull break apart, and Nova turns around and attacks the ship and easily destroys it. Super Skrull then explains that among his people, he is considered an antique; and despite everyone coming together; Kree, Human, Skrull, all united to fight against the Phalanx; he believes now his people are locked in a religious crusade that has led them to war once more. He goes on to explain that he had impersonated one of the Skrulls for the strike force to learn more of their mission, since he was no longer consulted. Nova asks if Super Skrull ever learned where the invasion was heading, and he explains that they were headed for Earth.

Super Skrull asks Nova to go with him since he no longer has his own people, having killed some of the members of the strike force that had been sent to assassinate Nova. Nova agrees, and together they jump through a star gate to Earth, only to see an entire Skrull Invasion Fleet sitting just outside the Earth’s atmosphere!

More genetically bred Super Skrulls emerge – and Nova comments how they’re going to kill them – and Super Skrull turns and grabs Nova by the neck and says, “Perhaps they will kill you.”