Real Name: Christopher “Chris” Bradley
Aliases: “Maverick”
Identity: Secret
Occupation: None
Citizenship: American Citizen, with no known criminal record.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown Mother and Father.
Group Affiliation: Formerly a member of the New Warriors
First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited #8 (1995)
Final Appearance: Weapon X #21 (2004)
History: Chris’s mutant powers manifested one day at school. He was contacted by Iceman of the X-Men. Chris also learned he had contracted the Legacy Virus. Although intially unsure of himself and his life, Chris decided to put his powers to good use.

He joined the New Warriors as Bolt, in hopes of making something of his life. As a member of the New Warriors, Bolt had worked closely with the team. However, it was in Namorita that Bolt had found a special friendship. She had been the only one of the New Warriors, he had confessed having the Legacy Virus to.

He also later found himself working with Maverick, who was a fellow mutant suffering from the fatal effects of the Legacy Virus.

Shortly after the Legacy Virus was cured for all mutants, thanks to Colossus, the man known as Maverick suddenly disappeared and was thought to be dead, Chris took up his equipment and disguise, and adopted the name of “Maverick” for himself and joined a group called “The Underground” founded by Cable to battle the Weapon X program and expose its existence.

Despite the group’s defeat, Chris remained with the Underground, though by this time, it had been taken over by the former mutant Morlock, Marrow, and remained into an extremist mutant supremacist group now called “Gene Nation.” Chris remained with the group in hopes of undermining and preventing its terrorists attacks. However, this brought him into conflict with someone by the name of “Agent Zero” – which proved to be the original Maverick, who was not aware that Chris had adopted his name and disguise. Chris died in the arms of Agent Zero, explaining that he had adopted his mentor’s name, to make his mentor proud.

Chris was briefly resurrected by means of the Transmode Virus to serve as a part of Selene’s army of deceased mutants. Under the control of Selene and Eli Bard, he was a part of the deceased mutants who led the assault on Utopia. They were ultimate defeated, and Chris returned back to the realm of the dead.

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 138 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Powers: Bolt could generate and manipulate electricity.

Accessories: None

Note: He used Nord’s weapons and armor while acting as Maverick.