Nova #20 (V1)

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Nova #20 (V1)

The issue begins with Nova returning from a morning flight. Inside, he changes back to civilian clothing and is greeted by his mother and brother. His mother excuses herself as she goes to work and Rich excuses himself to go take the make up test for school. With everyone gone, Rich’s brother heads down to the closet and reveals “Factor X” – his robotic “Sherlock Holmes” which is able to lock onto Rich’s location no matter where he goes.

At school Richard takes the test and passes with a 71. Ginger, Bernie and Caps all celebrate at the ice cream parlor. It’s there that they see Donna, Mike’s girlfriend crying. When they ask what is wrong with her, they learn that no one knows where Mike is – not even his parents. Rich remembers how he saw Mike trying to rob that lab – and how he had not seen Mike since then. Rich tells Donna that they will help try to locate Mike.

At home, Rich’s mother returns with news of a raise and being promoted to full time. Rich’s father, Charles comes in and tells his family that he intends to tell the “Inner Circle” whom he had borrowed money from that they had lost their stooge and that he would be turning state’s evidence against them. Rich decides this would be the best time to follow his father to learn more about this “Inner Circle.” When Nova flies out the window, his brother and the robotic Sherlock Holmes enter and say that so far they have been able to track Rich all day – and they’re going to track him down now and learn his dark secret!

The scene shifts to Charles Rider confronting the “Inner Circle.” Nova appears shortly after taking down a number of goons, which he gets a confession from. However at that same time, members of the “Inner Circle” are kicking and beating Charles Rider, when suddenly the voice of “the boss” comes over the intercom demanding that the members of the “Inner Circle” bring Charles to him.

Elsewhere Nova arrives at the destined spot where he meets someone by the name of “Shuffles.” Speaking with Shuffles he gets the information he needs – but Shuffles reminds him that one day he will be calling on Nova to pay him back.

Nova shows up at the “Inner Circle” and begins fighting them – when suddenly his younger brother and the robotic Sherlock Holmes appear – and reveal that one of the members of the Inner Circle is none other than their father!