Nova #14 (V1)

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Nova #14 (V1)

The issue begins with Heinrich Von Flessle informing Sandman to capture Mike Burley. Sandman agrees and leaves. At that same moment, the shadowed figure speaks with Nova who is captured within a cube. The shadowed figure explains that the slightest move will ensure Nova’s demise.

The scene changes to Rich’s father attempting to apply for a loan, but the loan officer rejects it because the lack of a job. The security officer standing by overhears this and gives him a card for the “Inner Circle” to help with money issues. He decides to go and finds a note addressed to him to call a specific number for the loan.

The scene shifts to Truman High School where Sandman sneaks into the high school in search of Mike Burley. The scene shifts to Nova within the death cube – he struggles and begins to burn and freeze, as the shadowed figured had promised; but the figure had underestimated Nova’s endurance – and Nova manages to break free! Nova beats the goons – and makes good of his escape.

Sandman bursts into the school and attacks Mike Burley; just as Nova arrives. Nova and Sandman go another round of fighting. They seemed to be evenly matched but Sandman rapidly gets the upper hand. He begins to have Nova on the defense; but at the last moment, Nova turns it around and traps Sandman in a cement mixer – solidifying Sandman. However, Heinrich Von Flessle manages to capture Mike’s brother and threatens to kill him if Mike does not do as he’s told.