Nova #14 (V5)

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Nova #14 (V5)

The issue opens up with Silver Surfer beating Nova around.

And not too much changes past that very fact.

Despite Nova’s repeated attempts to tell Silver Surfer to stop, Worldmind informs Nova that it doesn’t appear that Galactus’ herald has any intentions of ever stopping. Worldmind then asks if Nova would like a long list of how the Silver Surfer outclasses Nova.

Nova, ignoring Worldmind makes a quick dash towards Galactus, explaining that Silver Surfer wouldn’t dare take another shot that close to Galactus for fear of annoying him. After repeated attempts to hail Silver Surfer, Nova decides that the time for running has stopped and turns and puts full force into his fists and uppercuts Silver Surfer, with explosive results.

However, Silver Surfer is completely unaffected, standing there as if he were enjoying a gentle breeze.

Still, Silver Surfer refuses to listen, so Nova tangles in hand to hand combat with him, forcing them to crash back down on the very planet that Galactus is consuming. On the planet Silver Surfer finally speaks, informing Nova that he has no desire to see Nova killed, and that he is talking now, because they are out of Galactus’ perception – for Galactus would never understand, nor tolerate, Silver Surfer speaking to lower life forms, such as Nova.

Nova then pleads with Silver Surfer, explaining the situation with the Ark Ships being unable to escape, explaining they don’t intend to stop Galactus – just give the people of the planet a few hours to escape on the Ark Ship.

Silver Surfer stares at him for a moment, then closes his eyes for but a few seconds, then opens them again and says, “It’s done.”

Silver Surfer explains that he effortlessly shielded the Ark Ships, giving them the ability to jump from the planet as desired. When Nova asks how, Silver Surfer begins to explain the Power Cosmic, then stops and says, “I do not need to explain myself to you.”

Nova returns to get Harrow so that he can pay for his crimes; only to see that the place is full of dead bodies; Harrow’s trademark. Worldmind informs Nova that there is no time to look for Harrow and that they need to leave the planet as soon as possible or else Galactus’ devouring will prevent Nova from being able to open a star-gate to escape.

But Nova won’t have it – he won’t allow Harrow to escape to another planet to continue possessing people and murdering people once more. Using Worldmind he manages to track down Harrow’s signature to one of the escape Ark Ships. Nova slams into him, then imprisons him within one of the gravity fields – however, Harrow escapes easily. Worldmind discovers that Harrow must “change his energy form” to allow him to slip out of it. Harrow possesses another person and attacks Nova, catching him by surprise.

Everyone is aboard the Ark Ship, when Nova and Harrow continue the fight – with the ships blasting off. However, one of the ships ignites its engines catching both Harrow and Nova in the blast.

When Nova comes to, Worldmind informs him that he was rendered incapacitated by the drive blast of a launching Ark Ship. Worldmind also confirms that Harrow was shredded in the blast as well – and with no body to possess, should be destroyed.

However, Galactus has begun his descent to the planet to consume it, preventing Nova from being able to open a star-gate to escape…