New Warriors #17 (V4)

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New Warriors #17 (Volume 4)

The issue takes place in an undated future in which the New Warriors, along with Detective Sykes have found themselves in. A future that has been over run with the Iron Man armors – where it appears that Tony Stark has taken over the world.

New York Police Department officers are adorned in a mixture of Iron Man and War Machine armor and help patrol the safety of the streets and the skies are littered with Sentinel sized Iron Man armors flying about.

It’s Wondra who flies off the handle first saying that she knew that the plan wasn’t going to work all along – when Night Thrasher had said – just before she pulled him into the time machine – that he wasn’t done with the calculations yet. Renascence tells Wondra to calm down and that the “cape-killers” were closing in – and there was little other choice. Detective Sykes interjects saying that the so called “cape-killers” had no intention of killing any of them – to which Renascence sneers, “Tell that to Vin and Mira.” (Skybolt and Ripcord).

Night Thrasher then explains that they have to continue the mission. Find another time machine and stop this future from happening by saving Dwayne and the New Warriors and preventing the Stamford Incident.

Wondra refuses to follow Night Thrasher – who then tells them to do what they must – he’s going to do what he has to.

As the New Warriors wander the streets – they come to a rally of protesters who show a disdain for Iron Man. Several Iron Man NYPD units come and break up the rally. As the New Warriors wander away they come across a wanted poster on a light post – a wanted poster of none other than “Night Thrasher.”

Elsewhere, Night Thrasher finds the same wanted poster. As he walks down the street examining it – a basketball hits him in the back. Instinct takes over and he unleashes his energy blade from his fist. When he turns and sees it’s just a child, he withdraws the energy blade and asks about this “Night Thrasher.” The child goes on to explain how great “Night Thrasher” is until his mother pulls him away.

Back to the time misplaced New Warriors, they come across Al’s Diner – and as they stand by it – an announcement comes on from Stark/Taylor Company – leaving the New Warriors wondering of Tony Stark managed to take over the Taylor Foundation. Then Iron Man appears on the screen and speaks of rebels who seek to destroy the peaceful ways of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Just then the Guardsmen of the United States, which are Iron Man armors that resemble leaner War Machine models – flash their lights on the New Warriors threatening to arrest them. One of them identifies Detective Sykes, but then notes that the records indicate that she is deceased. The New Warriors attempt to resist arrest, but the Guardsmen quickly take down the New Warriors.

Just when all seems lost, the tide is turned with the arrival of the future Night Thrasher!