Nova #4 (V1)

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Nova #4 (V1)

The issue begins with Nova flying towards his school – fear of being late for his math class. Along the way he sees a truck that is headed straight for Ginger – he tries to stop it by holding it back – but then realizes there’s no one in the truck. He zooms around in front of the truck and sweeps Ginger to safety; however Ginger thinks she recognizes his voice, so Nova flies off, bidding her farewell in a much deeper voice.

He makes it into the school and changes into his normal, civilian clothing and enters the class. Inside, Mike Burley passes him by, swatting him on the back and taunting him that he has finished the test and is free to go. Bernie tries to make Richard feel better by saying, “Don’t let him get to you. Take away his muscles, his good looks, and his brains – and you’ve got us.”

Elsewhere, a building burns as The Mighty Thor passes over. Realizing the firemen can not effectively battle the raging inferno – Thor lands and summons up a massive rain to quench the flames outside. Realizing there may be innocent people inside, Thor shatters the door and enters the burning building. Much to his surprise he finds himself ambushed by the man who calls himself – The Corruptor.

A scene change to Uncle Fudge’s – we see Rich, Ginger and Bernie sitting together. Behind them, Mike taunts Richard about his test. Bernie manages to get their seats changed where he confesses to Richard that he thinks something is wrong with Caps and that the last time he saw him was when he left his house. When Bernie had gone back, the door was wide open, but Caps was nowhere to be seen. They decide to go investigate. On the way, Richard Rider spots Thor flying across the sky and excuses himself from Bernie and Ginger, saying he’d catch up to them at Cap’s house. Rich dons on the Nova costume and takes to the skies in hopes of meeting Thor – but is surprised when Thor hits him, sending him crashing into a wall!

Rich notices that Thor’s eyes are glazed over as if he had been hypnotized or under someone else’s control – and determines that he must stop Thor in hopes of snapping him out of whatever trance he was under. Thor knocks Nova into a swimming pool and holds him beneath; Nova panics for a moment, unable to breathe, when his suit responds but closing off the helmet and circulating air. Elsewhere, the Corruptor reverts back to his human self, allowing Thor to regain control of himself. However, Nova is unaware and punches Thor. Thor explains that he is back to being himself again.

Nova and Thor team up and head to the home of Jackson Day – the man who had gone missing within the burning building earlier. When Nova and Thor break in, Jackson Day is no more – and in his place stands – The Corruptor. The fight eventually leads outside, where Thor knocks Corruptor off of his feet and Nova lands a solid punch to the chin, rendering The Corruptor unconscious, leaving in his place – as suspected – Jackson Day.