Real Name: Amelia Barnhardt
Aliases: None
Identity: Publicly Known
Occupation: Former mercenary; former pilot of the New Warriors.
Citizenship: American Citizen With No Known Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Valerie Barnhardt {Meteorite} (Daughter, Deceased)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors (Formerly)
First Appearance: Night Thrasher: Four Control #2
History: Sprocket’s one night stand in Rhodesia with fellow mercenary Donald Joshua Clendenon – who would go on to become The Cardinal – nearly twenty one years ago would come back to haunt her.

Preganant with Clendenon’s child, Sprocket decided to keep it a secret and not tell the would be father of their child, and decided to raise the child on her own. Born Valerie Barnhardt, she was enrolled into the military academy when she was just six years old. By the time she turned eighteen, Valerie joined the Air Force and eventually became a Lieutenant, until she paralyzed her commanding officer, who had tried to rape her.

Amelia Barnhardt, better known as Sprocket, was an old friend of the New Warriors’ mentor, Andrew Chord, from their days as mercenaries together. During Andrew Chord’s recovery from an attempted suicide, Sprocket was called in to fill in for him as the pilot for the New Warriors. Known for her large cigars, larger guns, and perhaps larger (and far more profane!) mouth, Sprocket’s first mission was flying the New Warriors through the war torn land of Trans-Sable.

Even after Chord’s recovery, Sprocket remained around to fly the New Warriors around as Andrew Chord remained on the ground at the New Warriors’ base.

Sprocket and Cardinal would meet again, when Cardinal was leading his team called Air Force. Cardinal had managed to shoot Sprocket in the knee, before Night Thrasher defeated him, and the rest of Air Force. Cardinal and Sprocket would meet yet again when Air Force was attacked by a team calling themselves the Soldiers of Misfortune.

Night Thrasher was eventually kicked from the New Warriors, despite founding the team, and a short time later, Sprocket ceased flying for the New Warriors.

Sprocket eventually learned that her daughter, who had went on to become a superhero by the name of Meteorite, on a team calling themselves The Redeemers, had been brutally murdered by the villain Graviton. Valerie’s body was recovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. where Sprocket asked for a DNA sample and verified as she had suspected, that Cardinal had been her father. She paid him a visit in jail, where Sprocket told him everything and that she and her daughter, Valerie, hadn’t spoken in three years before her death, for reasons unknown.

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Powers: None.

Accessories: Varies; Sprocket is an excellent shot with a gun, and even better at profanity.

Note: As a mercenary, Sprocket has learned a number of skills from unarmed combat, to sniping; but it can not even be debated that she is the best, hands down, at launching profanity at someone.