Night Thrasher #2 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #2 (V2)

The issue begins in typical Night Thrasher fashion, with Dwayne holding a gang member by the name Turk, off the edge of a roof. Night Thrasher continues to question Turk regarding why the Walker family (see the back story of Night Thrasher #1) was killed. Night Thrasher drops Turk into a dumpster from the roof, and Turk begins to confess that the Walker family were actually runners for a local gang called The Concrete Dragons!

Night Thrasher tells Turk that he believes he’s lying because the Concrete Dragons disbanded over two years ago. Turk continues to explain that the Walkers were skimming off the top, so that’s why they were gunned down. He also goes on to explain that the Concrete Dragons are back in business, very quietly, in Queens, since the Poison Memories crushed them in Manhattan; and although the Concrete Dragons don’t have their “main man” – they still have their “main woman” – which is none other than Silhouette Chord.

Night Thrasher suddenly finds himself in a difficult situation. Jeff Walker’s dying wish was that Night Thrasher find the killers of his family; and kill them in turn. However, the family that Jeff Walker belonged to were drug runners; and if that wasn’t bad enough, they were also stealing from the gang that they worked for.

Inside a pool hall, Wormley and other members of the Concrete Dragons discuss how the Poison Memories have been destroyed; and that the Concrete Dragons should retake the Manhattan area. At that moment, Silhouette shows up and tells Wormley that he and the others have royally messed up. She begins kicking them around, explaining that Jeff Walker talked to Night Thrasher, and now Night Thrasher was onto them – and that it was a costly mistake that she would not forgive.

The scene shifts to the stairway of Johnny Grimbo’s apartment; where Night Thrasher is waiting for him with questions about what happened at the bar that Johnny tends, called Papa Sins – a local hangout for the newly, reformed Concrete Dragons. Night Thrasher questions Johnny who remembers everything the one called Silhouette said; which leads Night Thrasher to believe someone is impersonating her; but he’s not sure who or why they would be doing it.

The scene shifts to Dwayne and Chord talking, as Dwayne works out. Dwayne informs Chord that he had sent Sprocket to get Silhouette so that they could talk to her about what he had learned. When Silhouette is brought in, she immediately tells Dwayne that she does not appreciate being “summoned” like an employee. Dwayne brushes off the comment and asks her whether or not she’s leading the Concrete Dragons in her brother’s absence.

After speaking with Silhouette who claims to know nothing of what Night Thrasher is speaking of concerning the Concrete Dragons, the two of them decide to take back to the source. Night Thrasher and Silhouette return to one of the Concrete Dragons storage warehouses and find themselves attacked by a woman going by the name of Chagrin. While Chagrin has the early advantage of surprise, Night Thrasher and Silhouette eventually take her down; she promises to reveal the information they seek if Dwayne will kiss her first. Seeing that there was no other way to get the information, Night Thrasher does so; feeling the intensity of Silhouette’s stare in his back. Chagrin reveals that it is Midnight’s Fire who is running the Concrete Dragons once more! With that information revealed, Silhouette takes the opportunity to land a cheap shock and render Chagrin unconscious. Night Thrasher locates a note that indicates that this may go as far as to Madripoor.

The last scene shows Gai No Don speaking with someone and informing them that the plan is going perfectly and that Dwayne has filled one of the Taylor Foundation’s private jet and has logged the destination as Madripoor.