Nova #6 (V5)

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Nova #6 (V5)

The issue begins with Ko-Rel flying towards the outpost that she and the surviving members of Drez-Lar have gathered – only to find that the ship is in ruins. She spots a number of Phalanx shock troopers and rapidly destroys them with very little effort.

To her horror when she goes inside – she finds that everyone has been slaughtered. Worldmind suddenly kicks in and informs Ko-Rel that Gamora has not only captured Nova Prime, Richard Rider, but that she has also turned him into one of the Phalanax Select. It then informs Ko-Rel that it will be only a matter of time before it is also infected.

As Ko-Rel blasts off to go and find Richard Rider (and those responsible for the slaughter of her people) – Worldmind informs her that she must find Richard Rider and kill him – and that should also destroy itself – the Worldmind – so that the Phalanax does not have that kind of knowledge or power in their hands.

The scene shifts to the Kree Planet, Nil-Rast where we see Drax the Destroyer fleeing for his life, and being pursued. The one pursuing him is none other than the infected Richard Rider, as Nova Prime. As Nova, Rich manages to blast and dodge Drax effortlessly. Drax continues to put up a fight, resisting both Nova and Gamora – but Nova eventually tires of it and puts Drax down, telling him that he will be reborn as a Phalanx Select when he wakes up.

At the Kree Geothermal Refinery Faciloid, Nova drops off Drax and speaks with Gamora about how “normal” he feels – despite being a part of the Phalanx. Gamora explains that the Phalanx have learned the importantance of individuality, despite its “hive mind” mentality. As Nova and Gamora begin to celebrate capturing Drax – Nova suddenly senses a stargate being opened close by.

Before Nova can react, he is suddenly attacked by Ko-Rel. Nova blasts her away and commands Worldmind to give him a target plot – but Worldmind informs Richard that because he is a part of the Phalanax – until Worldmind succumbs to its techno-virus infection – it will be helping Ko-Rel rather than Nova.

While Ko-Rel lacks both the power and experience that Nova has – Worldmind manages to successfully guide her to avoid Nova as much as possible – as the two weave and dodge throughout the city.

Worldmind tricks Nova into flying beneath a pipe which Ko-Rel is instructed to blast. The resulting blast covers Nova in magma, making him temporarily vulnerable. Worldmind instructs to shot him full power and end Richard’s life – and the life of Worldmind – but she pauses, asks her son Zam to forgive her, because she’s not a murderer

Unfortunately, Gamora has enough time to sneak up behind Ko-Rel and plunge her dagger through her – ending the life of Ko-Rel. She collapses into Richard’s arms, and with her dying words says, “Don’t… you’ve got to… this isn’t you… Zam.”

For a brief moment, her words seem to reach Nova. But the moment passes, and he and Gamora leave the deceased Ko-Rel lying on the floor while they go to the showers.