New Warriors #14 (V4)

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New Warriors #14 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with the team of the New Warriors sitting at Al’s Diner. As they sit there and discuss everything from the origin of omelet to Night Thrasher’s intentions with the team – the entire window outside lights up.

Upon examining what’s going on outside, they discover that it’s an entire Skrull armada. Without their tech armor, the New Warriors decide that the best thing to do is head back to the base before getting involved in whatever seems to be happening.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Donyell Taylor examines the footage of the Skrull Invasion and realizes that the Skrulls must have planted and replaced heroes on Earth for quite a few years; yielding the idea that Skrulls could have been at Stamford – and that perhaps Dwayne – or the other New Warriors at Stamford – were indeed Skrulls – and that they could still somehow be alive somewhere!

The rest of the New Warriors teleport into the base and see that Night Thrasher had the Skrull Invasion on video already. He greets them by telling them that they will do nothing about the Skrull Invasion until the situation has been fully analyzed; and that there are more important things to tend to first and walks away. The sound of the jet rumbling signals that Night Thrasher has taken off on his own again. Furious, Jubilee has Aja track Night Thrasher’s coordinates.

As the New Warriors take off to follow Night Thrasher – they’re attacked by a Skrull that seems to mimic an assortment of the X-Men’s powers – everything from Angel’s wings to Cyclops’ optic blast! It manages to punch Wondra; but Phaser manages to surprise it from behind while Ripcord hits it with some pellets that shrink it. When it looks up again, it’s Wondra’s foot that comes crashing down on the Skrull.

Meanwhile at the Appalachian Safehouse, Night Thrasher finds that the entire area is undisturbed. He had hoped that if Dwayne were still alive he would be hiding here. He does however, managed to snag some of Dwayne’s DNA for testing. As he exits the house however, he discovers he’s not alone and is confronted by Counter Force which consists of: Justice, Rage, Debrii, Slapstick and two of the Scarlet Spiders.

Both Rage and Justice try to talk to Night Thrasher but he refuses to discuss it with them and a fight breaks out – and just when it seems like Night Thrasher’s been captured – the arrival of the New Warriors tips the balance once more.