Nova #18 (V6)

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Nova #18 (V6)

The issue opens up with Sam, his sister, and mother building a shrine, using all the Nova Corps helmets that Sam has recovered. In the shrine, there are various helmets that show different ranks and alien biology – from two eyes, four eyes, even six eyes – varying from extremely small, to extremely large. Afterwards, Sam explains to his mother that he has to go and do something in space real quick. There’s a quick discussion from Sam’s mother that it better not involve some space-alien girl. Sam lands on the moon and is horrified to find the Watcher’s murdered body. Freaking out, and not knowing what else to do or who to contact – Sam flies directly New York City, looking for Thor. Instead, he runs into Thing, Daredevil and Spider-Man fighting one of the Mindless Ones. Nova finally catches up to Thor, who is busy battling Exterminatrix.

Nova goes a few rounds with a Mindless One who attacks him, before putting it down. He lands next to Daredevil, Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America, who all give Exterminatrix a chance to surrender; but instead, she reloads her weapon and is immediately beaten down before Nova can even react. Nova confronts Exterminatrix and asks why Watcher was killed; but then, 8Ball, now calling himself The Orb (where once he wore a giant sized 8Ball helmet, now it is a giant sized eye ball), holds up the Watcher’s eye and there’s a massive explosion.

The scene shifts to sometime in the past… Where we see Sam’s father, Jessie Alexander, wearing the golden Nova Corps uniform, and he has trapped a fellow member of the Nova Corps in a corner. The trapped Nova Corp explains that it doesn’t have to be this way; but Jessie explains, there is no other way. He draws a weapon, as another (alien) Nova Corp lands behind him. Jessie fires at his fellow Nova Corp, incinerating him. The alien Nova Corp, named Adomox, removes his helmet and asks if Jessie is sure that he’s a friend of Rocket Raccoon, as he seems unusually squeamish.

Sam suddenly snaps to and finds he’s laying next to Iron Man, among others, who are just recovering from the explosion. Nova explains, distraught, that he has seen his father, and that he can’t wear the helmet anymore. Not after what he’s seen…