New Warriors #10 (V2)

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New Warriors #10 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Night Thrasher watching the evening news, regarding the Warriors fight with Blizzard, and Ginger’s blaming of Nova of the death of her husband. The look on his face is not one of amusement.

The scene then shifts to Hercules, of the Avengers, walking into the Firehouse that the Warriors have been using as their headquarters. Then, in the blink of an eye, Hercules teleports the New Warriors to Olympus, where standing before them, mighty and powerful, is none other that the enigmatic Zeus.

Zeus accuses Aegis of stealing the breastplate and says he is unsure how the New Warriors are also involved, but they are all comrades. When Zeus asks Aegis to explain himself, he explains that he didn’t steal the breastplate, but he found it. Zeus senses that Aegis is telling the truth, and scorns Zeus for assuming once again. Athena appears and explains that she left the breastplate for Aegis to find.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles Speedball and Nova put an end to several armed robbers. When the media arrives, Nova smiles, but that smile quickly fades when the reporters as Nova what his reaction was to Ginger’s accusation to the claims that Nova murdered her husband.

Back at Olympia, Athena explains the Aegis that she had selected him to be her champion, as Perseus had been, and that the breastplate was the same one he had used to kill Medusa. Andrea then blesses Aegis with a modified costume, more befitting of a hero.

In Olympus, Bolt has a coughing spasm and begins experiencing a burning fever. Namorita takes him to the air and tells him that they have to tell the other Warriors to see if there’s anything that can be done. Bolt points out that she had promised not to tell the other Warriors.

Back at Olympus, Zeus and Hercules say that they are going to bestow a gift upon Aegis. Aegis then smiles, happy to see that they’ve come to their senses. Too later, Namorita tries to tell him that the “gift” is a sock to the chin, which Aegis, takes unexpectedly!

The scene shifts back to Nova and Speedball, where they meet the movie producers Jay and Jamal, who present them with an animated movie, that is completely horrible. Ten seconds into it, Speedball and Nova leave; leaving the producers behind to ask themselves if it’s the costume changes; or the lack of action; or the lack of other things (essentially reflecting on all the things that the New Warriors volume two comic had been criticized for).

Back in Olympus, Hercules continues to pound on Aegis while the Warriors try to refrain him from beating on Aegis. Aegis realizes that Hercules is not attacking out of anger, but seems to be enjoying himself. Piecing it together, he realizes that this is a test. Aegis tells the Warriors to hit Hercules with everything they got. Hercules tries to punch Aegis again, however this time, Aegis doesn’t budge. A surprised Hercules suddenly finds himself being repeatedly knocked off balance by the Warriors.

Zeus, observing this turns to Athena and smiles, “I am reminded again, why not to question the wisdom of Athena.”

Zeus grants Aegis the permission to keep the armor and Hercules hugs Aegis, glad to see that he is indeed worthy of keeping the breastplate. Bolt speaks with Zeus privately and asks if he’s capable of helping him in getting rid of the Legacy Virus that is sweeping through his body. Zeus apologizes and brings Bolt back to the Warriors.

Later, back on Earth, the infamous lawyer, Jennifer Walters (better known as She-Hulk) represents Nova in court, and the District Attorney, after investigating the situation decides not to press any charges against Nova. The media, now with that out of the way, asks if the Warriors are going to do the movie, and Nova explains that they are not going to. And instead, rather than playing up to the media, they are going to do what they have always set out to do – Fight the crime that other heroes will not touch.

The scene shifts to a slightly later time, where Bolt openly confesses to the Warriors that he is indeed dying from the Legacy Virus. Night Thrasher shows up and says that he is willing to help and he will devote all his resources to helping find a cure to the Legacy Virus. The New Warriors gladly welcome him back.

And so ends the second volume of New Warriors.

There is an epilogue with Junzo is watching the news about the New Warriors, and it sets up the Iron Fist/Wolverine Limited Series.