Nova #25 (V6)

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Nova #24 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam thinking about Richard Rider, and how, as Nova, he frequently flew into space to fight alien threats that the regular people of Earth never knew existed. He goes on to think about the Chitauri that his father had flown into space to repeatedly fight. Sam goes on to think about the things he’s done; from flying into space, going to Nowhere, meeting Cosmo, Beta Ray Bill, fighting the Hulk. Then it goes to modern times, where Sam is being examined by a doctor in Carefree, Arizona – when he steps out, he is in the middle of an emergency relief center, with the entire city being reconstructed. An aged Steve Rogers meets them just outside the doctor’s tent, where he pulls Sam’s mother aside to talk to her. Sam believes that it’s over, when his mother suddenly approaches him, smiling contently and says, “Safe trip! See you later!”

Steve Rogers flies to New York with Sam. Sam apologies about the fact that the Avengers are now defunct after the events of Axis. Steve Rogers explains that there will always be a need for the Avengers and Sam officially became one the moment he stood toe to toe with the Hulk. Steve escorts Sam into Avengers mansion and explains that he will officially become a member of the Avengers, with an ID Card, bio-scans, and when he completes it; he meets Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Thor, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel, and the new Captain America (Sam Wilson, formerly Captain America’s ally, The Falcon).

It’s then that it’s explained to Sam, that he is on probationary status, because he disobeyed a direct order from the Avengers when he flew off to fight the rampaging Hulk. So while the Avengers appreciated his bravery, and his abilities; he had violated a direct order from the Avenger.

The issue ends with Cletus Kasady looking for Sam in Carefree, Arizona. He stops by and asks a gas station attendant. The man replies that Cletus should look up Sam on the internet or leave him a message, if they’re friends. Cletus’ hands are bloody and he smiles and says, “I think I will leave him a message. I will let him know Carnage was here!” And the gas attendant screams his final scream…