Darkhawk Annual #1 (V1)

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The issue begins with Tony Stark and Jim Rhodey observing Darkhawk battling thugs. Tony Stark points out numerous powers that Darkhawk has, and questions if perhaps Darkhawk is someone within the armor who may be using Stark Technology, and recalls how he had recently been forced to track down anyone and everyone who was using Stark Technology and put a stop to it, because he had learned that several villains had used his technology to commit crimes of robbery, even murder. Tony Stark, donning the Iron Man armor decides that he will find out more about both Darkhawk and Savage Steel.

Elsewhere, Anthony Vale, a failed police officer slides into the abandoned building where he has kept the Savage Steel armor and puts it in, recalling how recently six criminals – or those he judged himself to be criminals – had been executed easily with the use of the Savage Steel armor that he had stolen for himself from fellow police.

Not too far away, Chris Powell goes into class at school, to find a speaker discussing how super heroes are a menace to society, never taking responsibility for the damage they cause. The speaker, Bob, in particular points out Darkhawk, who had been spotted in the area very frequently; and his desire to capture and expose him and drive him off. Chris speaks up defending Darkhawk, but the teacher rapidly scolds him and explains that there will be a time for comments and questions later.

Not too far from there either, the West Coast Avenger, known as USAgent is sitting on a roof waiting for a drug deal to go down when a Federal Officer by the name of Lou contacts him and tells him that a better job has been lined up for him.

Elsewhere, in Forest Hills, Jim Rhodey is under cover with some thugs, where he tries to pawn the Mauler armor off to them. One of them immediately recognizes the armor and knows that it had been handed over to Iron Man, and draws his weapon asking Jim where he got the armor if the last known person to have it was Iron Man. Jim wonders where Iron Man is, knowing he’s supposed to be outside monitoring the deal, but it’s Savage Steel who comes to Jim’s “rescue” demanding all the parts within the store for himself. Savage Steel quickly puts down the armor that the thugs have, only to have Iron Man suddenly arrive on the scene as well. The fight goes outside where, from within his algebra class, Chris observes the fight. He excuses himself from class and turns into Darkhawk, and arrives at the scene just in time to catch Savage Steel who has been defeated by Iron Man. Darkhawk rips off the mask of Savage Steel, and then finds himself attacked by Iron Man, who places sensors on both Darkhawk and Savage Steel. Iron Man learns that the armor for Savage Steel is indeed based on Stark Technology but having been modified by Stane Engineers. The Darkhawk armor however, registers as alien. Iron Man and Darkhawk battle it out while the scan completes; and Iron Man apologies to Darkhawk. Together they head back to where Jim Rhodey had been left, only to discover the building is burning down; but no one is inside. Iron Man finds Jim’s personal computer with a message from him. Darkhawk offers to help Iron Man and together they head back to the base. Iron Man contacts the rest of the West Coast Avengers and explains the situation.

The story continues in West Coast Avengers Annual #7.

“Deadly Foes of Dark”

The brief two page story is a synopsis of various villains that Darkhawk had fought: Hobgoblin, Portal, Savage Steel, the UFOs, Midnight and Lynn Church, Lodestone, the Folding Circle, Venom, Tombstone, and even Philippe Bazin.

“Fishing Trip”

Chris and his friends head up to the mountain for some male bonding time, but as soon as they get there, Chris gets his fishing pole and excuses himself. The real reason he had wanted to go up there was to test various powers. He transforms into Darkhawk and then tests his strength by first pushing, then lifting an enormous boulder. He then uses a single blast to destroy it, from his chest, the smaller multiple blasts to destroy the larger pieces; then projects a shield to defend himself from the stone shrapnel. He then uses his claw to climb up a mountain. He uses his enhanced telescopic vision from the top of the mountain and spots a bear threatening a young boy. Using his gliding power he drifts and glides and scares off the bear. The mother comes and finds the boy and they leave, the mother never believing the boy’s story about Darkhawk.

There is a pin up of Spider-Man and Darkhawk together.

“Dawn of the Darkhawk”

Retells the story of how Chris became Darkhawk from Darkhawk #1.

There is a pin up of Punisher and Darkhawk together.

“The Cabal”

The story begins with Arthur Vale in jail, after having been defeated by Iron Man. One of the members of the Cabal arrive with a silencer to put an end to Arthur Vale’s life, but he’s saved by Jim Zafar, who was a former member of the Cabal until he discovered what they were doing. He manages to over take the gunman and knocks him out, putting him within the prison and freeing Arthur Vale. Inside the store room, Lennox who had also been a member of the Cabal but turned on them, even helping Mike Powell with the information he needed, finds himself being severely beaten by members of the Cabal, until Jim Zafar arrives and tells the members of the Cabal to put their hands against the wall. He handcuffs them to the wall, and he helps Lennox up. The three of them (Jimmy, Arthur and Lennox) leave only to be gunned down; but it’s revealed it was a cover up to get them in the Witness Protection Program.