Ultra Girl

Real Name: Suzanna “Suzy” Lauren Sherman
Aliases: Tsu-Zana
Identity: Publicly Known.
Occupation: Model, Crime Fighter, Part of the Initiative
Citizenship: Citizen of Hala; American Citizen, No Criminal Record.
Place of Birth: Hala
Known Relatives: Toby (Father), Mother (Unknown)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors (formerly), Initiative
First Appearance: Ultra Girl #1
History: Little has been revealed about the life of Suzanna Sherman and life for the most part seemed fairly normal until a malfunctioning Sentinel – a remnant of Onslaught – suddenly attacked her during a photo shoot, identifying her as a mutant.

However, not only did it identify her as a mutant – it also detected a number of other genetic anomalies – identifying her as an alien mutant of some kind, eventually stating that she has the genetic make up of a Kree.

Suzy then broke free of the Sentinel’s massive hold and managed to attack it; moving at incredible speeds using super human strength as well, to inflict damage and break the Sentinel’s grasp.

When knocked into the air, she discovered she could fly. Upon smashing the Sentinel she is greeted by the press where she frequently uses the phrase “Ultra” (as in “Ultra Cool”, “Ultra Hot”, etc etc) – that the press dubs her “Ultra Girl.”

She would next battle a disgruntled Hollywood Special Effects Designer who adopted the name Effex. By starting a fire in Laguna Hills, he drew the attention of the New Warriors as well as Ultra Girl. Effex had managed to keep them at bay by using a combination of things he had specialized in; from force fields to optical illusions. However, Ultra Girl eventually developed an ability to see a change in energy patterns and was finally able to pin point Effex’s exact location, which led to Ultra Girl and the New Warriors defeating Effex.

However, Effex would not go silently. He swore that he would ignite the bomb in his armor to go out with a “big bang” – so Ultra Girl took him and flew him into the air, away from everyone – and Effex kept to his word – igniting the bomb in his armor. Ultra Girl survived the explosion but had been severely burned from head to toe – this is when she discovered she had an incredible healing factor that even regenerated her hair back to the way it was.

Ultra Girl eventually learned that her friend Amber was in fact a Kree who had been sent to watch her. Amber revealed Ultra Girl’s true name, which was “Tsu-Zana” – and that she had been destined to restore the Kree Empire back to its former glory.

Ultra Girl and Slapstick at some time helped the New Warriors stop a Badoon alien invasion – apparently accepting, at long last, a membership into the New Warriors.

However, this would come back to haunt her when the New Warriors, without her, were later hired to be a part of a reality show that tracked down super villains. One of those villains would be none other than Nitro, who ignited himself, killing over 600 innocent people – including all of the New Warriors present (except Speedball), as well as children.

This had finally become the “breaking point” in which the super heroes were split about Super Hero Registration. Ultra Girl sided with Captain America’s Secret Avengers to oppose the Registration Act. However, after the acts of Civil War and the apparent death of Captain America, Ultra Girl decided to comply with the Super Hero Registration Act.

Ultra Girl would then become a part of the Avengers Initiative where she, and former New Warriors, Justice met once again. During this time, it was revealed that Justice and Ultra Girl had developed a relationship with one another. However, when the former New Warriors, Justice and Rage, left the Initiative, instead of following them she became the new head of the Junior Guardsmen. She eventually graduated, along with Thor Girl, and was assigned to be a part of the Georgia State Initiative. Upon completing her training, Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, gives her the original Ms. Marvel uniform as a graduating present.

During the Skrull Invasion, Ultra Girl learns, with the arrival of the Skull Kill Krew, that Thor Girl is actually a Skrull. A fight breaks out and the Skrull Thor Girl is killed with her own hammer.

Norman Osborn, preparing to launch a new idea, forces Ultra Girl to hand over the Ms. Marvel costume, which he then gives to Moonstone to impersonate Ms. Marvel on the Thunderbolts.

Later, Ragnarok, a clone of Thor, that killed Goliath, during Civil War, attacks Camp Hammond. Justice, leading Counter Force – now calling themselves “The New Warriors” with Night Thrasher as a member arrive to put a stop to Ragnarok. Vance nearly dies in the fight, saved only by the timely arrival of Ultra-Girl. They managed to defeat Ragnarok, and Vance gets MVP’s original corpse. Ultra Girl leaves the Initiative with Vance and the rest of the Avengers Resistance.

She is seen later, as one of the many applicants for becoming a nanny to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter, Danielle Cage.

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 233 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Powers: Ultra Girl has an assortment of powers ranging from Super Strength to Exceptional Healing. Ultra Girl’s super strength limit remains untested, but she had managed to effortlessly bat away a full sized Sentinel with little effort. Her endurance is also super human, as she was able to endure high velocity impact a number of times, with no damage. Once burned from head to toe, her entire body healed itself in less than a minute. She is also capable of flying at super sonic speeds, to which these limits have also been untested. The last of her powers seem to be reading energy signatures and being able to pinpoint them. There seems to be very little that Ultra Girl can’t do once she puts her mind to it. Whether or not more powers await to be explored remains unknown.

Accessories: None

Note: None.