Real Name: Christopher Powell
Aliases: The Powell, Razor
Identity: Secret
Occupation: High School Graduate, Unknown
Citizenship: American Citizen, with no known criminal record.
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Known Relatives: Michael Powell (father), Grace Powell (mother), Jonathon Powell (brother), Jason Powell (brother)
Group Affiliation: Formerly a member of the New Warriors, Avengers (West Coast), Excelsior, Loners, Fraternity of Raptors
First Appearance: Darkhawk #1
History: Christopher Powell was a young boy in High School, and his father was an officer of the law. But when Christopher Powell began to wonder what it was his father was really doing, it led to him sneaking out and following his father.

While doing so, Christopher Powell witnessed what appeared to be his father proving to be a “dirty cop.” When the criminals turned on him, Christopher broke out from his hiding place and tried to buy his father some time. When the criminals gave chase, Christopher Powell stumbled across a glowing item and upon grabbing it – found himself transformed into Darkhawk.

As Darkhawk, Christopher Powell found himself repeatedly running into Spider-Man and foes typically associated with Spider-Man, for example: Hobgoblin (numerous times), Venom (several times), Tombstone, among others.

But it’s not to say that as Darkhawk he did not run into his own “set of villains” such as: Savage Steel, Portal, Lodestone, Peristrike Force, as well as Evilhawk (Overhawk).

As Darkhawk, Christopher Powell also found himself as a part time member of the New Warriors as well as the West Coast Avengers, and even more recently as a part of a team called Excelsior.

As Darkhawk, Christopher eventually learned that the source of his power had come from a living vessel in deep space, where his and other Darkhawk bodies were stored and repaired. When Chris was Darkhawk, his human body was stored in the ship in the android’s place. Upon making this discovery, Christopher unlocked the ability to transform into an “updated” version which allowed for a variety of new powers.

Although, after the conclusion of his own series, Darkhawk has been seen once again in armor resembling his original look.

During his time with Excelsior, Christopher in Darkhawk form has been shown to have a difficult time controlling his anger at times, which led to a brief skirmish between him and former New Warrior teammate, Turbo. However, during a battle with Ultron, it was Darkhawk and his “darkforce blast” at point blank range which had sundered the enigmatic Ultron to pieces. The group, Excelsior, would eventually adopt the name “Loners” and became more of a “super hero support group” following the events of Civil War, an event triggered by the action of several members of the New Warriors (which also took the lives of Night Thrasher, Microbe and Namorita, along with over 600 innocent civilians when Nitro ignited himself). Former New Warriors teammate, Turbo (Mickey) would also become a part of The Loners, as well as Julia Powers (sister to Alex Power, who was a member of the New Warriors briefly). Chris developed a relationship with Mickey during this time. However, the lack of control over his anger, eventually became too much and soon after the Loners broke up, so did Chris and Mickey.

Chris eventually left Los Angeles and returned to Long Island to be with his mother and two brothers. His mother made Chris promise that there would be no more secrets between them. A part of dealing with Chris’ anger management also included getting a job, which he had managed to get as Darkhawk, working for Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S as Security Chief. When Darkhawk landed at Project PEGASUS, he learned that there had been an explosion that had allowed several members of the villainous group, The UFOS to escape. X-Ray had been pinned down in the basement by Nova, but the UFO member named Vector suddenly surfaced from the floor, surprising Darkhawk. Without warning, the amulet took over and blasted Vector nearly full blast. Chris yelled at the amulet, that he had everything under control. Doctor Necker, one of the doctors at Project PEGASUS approached Darkhawk, and without thinking Darkhawk reacted, striking her and shouting that she could not have the amulet. Doctor Necker, only slightly wounded, offered to examine the armor and try and determine how it was reacting on its own, but Darkhawk refused and took to the air, afraid he might hurt someone.

Chris eventually made his way to Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Manhattan, where the “Loners” would still meet up and be a supportive group. Initially they all balk at Chris, claiming he betrayed them by returning to his super hero ways. However, after some explaining, that he was losing control and he had no one else to turn to, they welcome him back. Mickey walked with Chris later, speaking with him, and Chris remembered why he loved Mickey, and how she had always been there to help him. However, when she placed her hand on his chest, the amulet reacted, causing Chris a great amount of pain. At that very same moment, something streaked from the sky, crashing into the backyard of Chris’ home, causing a massive explosion. Chris and Mickey quickly ran over to see what it was – surprised, of all things – to see someone wearing armor that looked exactly like Darkhawk’s – except the gem in the chest was blue, not read! The other Darkhawk like person explains that Chris was led to believe that his amulet was the last – but that was not true. He touched Chris’ amulet, which automatically transformed Chris into Darkhawk, only seconds before something from the heavens then struck Chris’ home!

As Darkhawk, Chris immediately pulls his family from the burning home. The second “Darkhawk” introduces himself as Talon, explaining that it would be better to leave his family behind and that the Hunter Drone was still alive. A large creature emerges from the inferno that was once Chris’ home. Darkhawk asks what it is, and Talon explains that it’s a Hunter Done, sent to kill off their kind. Chris asks what he means by “their kind” and Talon explains that he and Chris are a part of the Fraternity of Raptors. Darkhawk takes to the air and blasts the Hunter Drone, which does nothing to it. It however, in turn, blasts Darkhawk – and when the smoke clears, Darkhawk finds his armor has reconfigured itself and its appearance. Talon tells Darkhawk to use his strike suit and attack the same time as Talon. Darkhawk explains that he feels super changed, and Talon explains that it’s because the amulet is far more bound, though faulty, than anyone could have ever suspected. Together they manage to defeat the Hunter Done. Talon seems puzzled by Chris’ ability to alter his armor, and would like to do some further testing – but Mickey runs up and tells Chris that the paramedics have taken his mother, and that she is not doing well. His brothers, however, are in stable condition. Talon explains that there’s no time for family, but Chris puts family first and explains, “When my family is safe, you and I are going to have a long talk.”

At the hospital, Chris finds himself getting angry again, which leads to a fight between him and Mickey, who says that she’s had it with being yelled at – and that Chris needs to get rid of the Darkhawk amulet because it’s ruining everything in his life – and the lives he touches. Talon shows up at the hospital, and Chris transforms into Darkhawk and begins attacking him. Talon explains that the reason behind Chris’ anger is because the amulet was never meant to bind itself with humans and that it is slowly driving him crazy. Talon explain that he can help align the amulet so that Chris can use it successfully and regain control of himself. Chris agrees. He returns to the Holy Trinity Catholic Church and asks his former teammates, from the Loners, to watch over his family while he sets things right.

Darkhawk meets with Talon who explains that the Raptors are sworn to use all their considerable skills and powers to safeguard the advance of Galactic culture. Talon goes on to explain that a war is coming and they must be ready. Talon goes on to say that they will begin by going to the Negative Zone. Darkhawk follows Talon who opens a portal and travels there.

It’s there, that Darkhawk and Talon find themselves under attack by an insect, alien race known as Chitinauts. He goes on to explain that they’re territorial and once served a being known as Catastrophus, who once worked closely with the villain Annihilus. During the fight, Talon puts a shield bubble around Darkhawk and explains that once Darkhawk has bonded with his armor successfully, he will be able to hear what is called The Datasong and be able to do all that Talon is able to do. Talon goes on to show that there’s yet another configuration of the armor called Warflight Mode, in which the armor configures itself to look like a massive bird of prey. Talon gets rid of all the Chitinauts in the area very easily after adopting that form. He approaches Darkhawk and goads him into attacking Talon, by mocking Darkhawk’s ethics of not wanting to kill. Talon easily rebuffs Darkhawk’s attack and explains until he masters his anger, he will never master his armor.

When Darkhawk speaks of how Nova (Richard Rider) had gone off to space and returned a big hero, Darkhawk had wanted the same for himself. Talon goes on to belittle the Nova Corps explaining that the Centurions of Xandar are minor guardians of the order – at best. The Raptors are a tradition that predates the Nova Corps. Talon also explain how he just woke up himself to find all the other Talons destroyed, gone – and the only other one was a damaged, half bonded Talon – Darkhawk. Talon and Darkhawk proceed and locate Heteropteron, the mightiest of Catastrophus’ nomadic bases. Talon and Darkhawk perch on the edge of the fortress where Talon takes his claw-cable and it reconfigures itself into a metallic hawk-like creature that allows them to see through its eyes where they are able to locate the Cosmic Control Rod. When Talon and Darkhawk go after the Cosmic Control Rod, they find themselves being swarmed by more Chitinauts. Talon separates from Darkhawk and begins calling for him, needing help. Darkhawk, being over run himself, can only hear that Talon is yelling for Darkhawk to change into Full Combat Mode. Just as Darkhawk is being over taken, there is a flash, and Darkhawk emerges in Full Combat Mode and decimates the Chitinauts. Talon appears, revealing he was never in danger, but suspected that Darkhawk would trigger the change, as he had done against the Hunter Drone, under duress. Talon explains now the bonding is complete – and at that very moment, Darkhawk begins seeing visions, including abductions, assassinations – and in those visions something is revealed – the Raptors are the “bad guys.” Darkhawk attacks Talon, but Talon manages to beat Darkhawk and “expunges” the human connection, freeing the true Raptor within the armor – one by the name of Razor.

As Razor, he was a ruthless Talon who killed Chitinauts without hesitation. When they go to get the Cosmic Control Rod, they see that the rod was being used to stunt the growth of a young Annihilus being born within an egg sack. Razor attempts to destroy it – but Talon explains that Annihilus may prove useful in the future. Razor pauses, explaining he feels something. At that very moment, floating inside a red voice, Chris Powell awakens unsure of where he was. His skin is etched with technological designs as he tries to will himself to shift into the Darkhawk armor, causing Razor immense pain. Inside the crimson space, Chris begins to experience his past – and then his father shows up, asking what was behind the visor that scared him so much. When Chris replies it was a monster, his father tears off his face, revealing Darkhawk beneath it and says, “It was the truth looking back at you.” Chris shatters whatever seems to be imprisoning him and finds himself on a gigantic tree branch, whose “fruit” seem to be made of the same stone that made up the Darkhawk amulet. But he has little time to think of it as humanoid creatures resembling giant bats approaching.

Meanwhile, Razor and Talon approach King Blastaar of the Negative Zone where they offer him the Cosmic Control Rod.

Chris finds himself leaping off from the branch and clinging to one of the gems from the mysterious tree where he sees what appears to be a dead being within. He leaps onto another gem where he finds his body sinking into it – and within it, a Skull, still alive by the name of Commander H’Jke Jeeku. He explains that after attacking Earth, he and his fleet were departing when they were attacked by Inhumans. The sound weapon used by the Inhumans was so potent that it opened the dark matter of the cosmos and released the amulet into space. Commander H’Jke had been floating in space when the amulet found him and bonded with him and placed him within the amulet, allowing Talon to escape. The Skrull explains all the other crystals are amulets awaiting a sacrifice so that they can be freed. Commander H’Jke goes on to say that Chris has achieved what no other ever has – that he has left his physical body within the amulet but still managed to travel freely. Talon had actually feared what the human mind could achieve.

Elsewhere, Razor and Talon find themselves battling with King Blastaar who refuses to do what the talons ask of him. King Blastaar soon discovers that the talons were ready and inscribed a safety device that would return the Cosmic Control Rod to them if King Blastaar refused to agree. The talons explain that they want King Blastaar to annihilation an enemy of his, a being by the name of Ravenous. This would allow King Blastaar to have more control, as well as grant favor with Emperor Vulcan of the Shi’ar Empire. Razor departs for Shi’ar with the intent to assassinate someone, and with the Skrull’s help, Chris is able to reclaim the Darkhawk armor and force Razor out – only a second too late. He sees that Princess Lilandra has been assassinated and that the entire Shi’ar Imperial Guard is now after him. He tries to explain what happens – but neither the Imperial Guard nor the Starjammers wait. When Polaris grabs a hold of his metallic suit, Darkhawk is able to change the configuration to a carbon-fiber light weight suit that is non metallic. In the confusion King Blastaar’s army attacks allowing Darkhawk to escape. Talon transmits to Darkhawk, believing it’s Razor, who uses the signal to portal back and attack Talon. Darkhawk engages in close combat and does what Talon had done to him previously, saying the words, “Go! Leave! Depart!” forcing Talon out of the gem, and returning Commander H’Jke in Talon’s place. Commander H’Jke tells Darkhawk to find the rest and that he will deal with Talon himself – which he does by sacrificing himself and destroying the amulet as he jumps into the warp engine of the space ship. Darkhawk departs, swearing he will find and destroy all the other amulets.

Height: 6’2 (6’5 as Darkhawk)
Weight: 185 lbs (210 lbs as Darkhawk)
Eyes: Brown (None as Darkhawk/Red Visor)
Hair: Brown (None as Darkhawk)

Powers: In his original armored form, Darkhawk’s powers included: a darkforce blast which came from the amulet in the chest; a small energy shield from the same source; a grappling claw on one arm; retractable gliding wings and night vision. For yet, unexplained reasons, when Darkhawk removes his helmet (in Darkhawk form), whatever appearance his face has is enough to horrify himself – and enemies, a trick he has used to stun someone, when he needed an edge. When the android body was damaged, he could heal it almost instantly by transforming into his human form, and then back into his android form again. While in his original Darkhawk armor, he was capable of gliding through the air, he later gained the power of flight.

Accessories: Darkhawk Amulet (which transforms him to Darkhawk)

Note: Without the amulet, Christopher Powell is unable to turn into Darkhawk.