Nova #7 (V1)

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Nova #7 (V1)

The issue begins with Nova stating he’s in charge of the gang (consisting of Condor, Powerhouse and Diamondhead) thanks to the brainwashing Condor had done. Diamondhead refuses to have Nova as the leader and begins a fight with him, which is immediately broke up by The Condor. Condor explains that they’re all on the same side and that the person to stop is Sphinx.

Condor goes on to explain Sphinx’s origin (as he knows it) to Nova, who is unfamiliar with The Sphinx. He explains that the story of the Sphinx began five thousand years ago in the burning sands of Egypt, where Sphinx was the chief wizard for the Pharaoh, Ramses. The Hebrew Moses came to Ramses’ court to free the people of Israel as he had been told by the voice of God.

Ramses laughed and summoned his wizards. Moses had his brother, Arron take his rod and cast it before the Pharaoh and it turned into a serpent as it touched the ground. The Pharaoh’s wizards did the same, but Moses’ staff devoured them with ease. The Ten Plagues began and when it was all over, the angry Pharaoh banished his chief wizard from Egypt to wander the desert forever.

For ninety years the exiled wizard crawled the sands, swearing he would survive. Then, when all looked their bleakest, he saw the temple. Entering through its emerald gates, he found himself standing before the Ka Stone. It spoke to him, explaining that it must be placed upon his forehead, much like a crown – and the man who had once been a wizard was no more; in his place, Sphinx was born.

We see that Sphinx is watching Condor through a crystal ball and notes that Condor seeks to be a criminal warlord and mastermind; and Sphinx thinks to himself how Condor is not looking at the bigger picture; and that Sphinx himself seeks to be the Emperor of the World. His thoughts are interrupted by his guards that bring in a man who has supposedly reported the location of Sphinx’s hideout – Sphinx makes an example of him and incinerates him to ashes.

The scene shift to Nova and Condor raiding an Air Force Warehouse for a part that Condor needs for his computer, so that he might be able to reach Nova’s ship that orbits the Earth. They quickly go through the warehouse, taking care of all the guards that stand in the way, before grabbing the part and leaving. Upon returning to the Condor’s Roost, Nova begins to break free of the control; so Condor has Powerhouse drain him so that they can put him back on the machine to brain wash him again. Once that is done, Condor and the rest take off into space and board Nova’s ship. Sphinx watches it unfold knowing what Condor seeks – so Sphinx moves to put a stop to it, and activates the alarm systems on Nova’s ship. They make short work of the guards that come – but just after the battle, Nova regains control of himself. Diamondhead is the first to react by landing a solid punch, but Nova counters his next move by tripping him. Condor moves next to shoot Nova, but he dodges and Nova counters with a punch. Condor commands Powerhouse to kill Nova, but Powerhouse hesitates; but before Nova can do anything else, Diamondhead lands a dishonorable strike to the back of Nova’s head. When Nova regains consciousness, he discovers that Condor, Powerhouse and Diamondhead have escaped, while sending Nova within his ship – to the other side of the universe!