Night Thrasher #3 (LS)

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Night Thrasher #3 (LS)

The issue begins in Denver as Night Thrasher scales his way up the side of the building that belongs to none other than Eve Magdalene. Night Thrasher discovers that Eve is the CEO of Ophrah Industries; also a woman who happens to answer to Gideon.

Night Thrasher discovers that Eve Magdalene is a LMD (Life Model Decoy). It turns out that Gideon only trusts employees that he builds. Night Thrasher downloads the information from the LMD and leaves it to self-destruct.

Night Thrasher than goes to Genetech where he speaks with Rosen about their ties to the Taylor Foundation. Rosen reveals that Daryl Taylor gave research grants to Harmony Furmintz and to Genetech, however no longer has any funding or support from the Taylor Foundation. Rosen also explains to Night Thrasher that they are in the same position as the Taylor Foundation; and in the middle of a hostile take over, with Ophrah Industries attempting to take it over.

Night Thrasher then cuts Rosen a check from the Taylor Foundation that covers the rest of Genetech’s outstanding stock. Night Thrasher than returns to Denver and interrupts Ms. Cranford’s speech. As Dwayne Taylor, he pushes Ms. Cranford aside and begins accusing Gideon of attempting hostile take over of the Taylor Foundation and the Genetech.

Gideon makes his appearance and counteracts all of Dwayne’s accusations, finally leaving it to the remaining stockholders. In the end, Dwayne wins the controlling interest of Genetech. After exchanging a few words, making it clear that the fight was far from over.

Later, Night Thrasher and Gideon decide to handle things the man to man. Night Thrasher, aware that Gideon uses others powers; strips down out of his armor, and decides that he will fight him on a human level. It is an intense fight, and in the end, it is Dwayne Taylor that stands victorious over Gideon.

Dwayne Taylor then learns that Gideon reports to none other than Gai No Don. Night Thrasher than leaves a virus in Gideon’s system that systematically destroys every file on Gideon’s server.