Real Name: Vincent Stewart
Aliases: Redneck
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: United States Citizen With A Known Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Arkansas
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: New Warriors
First Appearance: New X-Men #126
History: Vincent is a young man, who would go on to become the mutant better known as Redneck at the Xavier Institute. Much like the Guthrie family, Vincent comes from a large family. Born in Arkansas, he experienced the racial tension against mutants, that eventually led to violence.

He would eventually become friends with Christian, who would go on to be known as Radian at the Xavier Institute. When Cassandra Nova appeared, Redneck had wanted to stand his ground against her, but he was not prepared to have his mind taken over and forced to fight the X-Men. It wasn’t until the arrival and the help of the Stepford Cuckoos, that Redneck and the other students were freed from Cassandra Nova’s hold.

Unsatisfied with how things were turning out, Vincent joined Quentin Quire’s Omega Gang. As a member of the Omega Gang, Redneck was a part of the assault against humans, seeking vengeance for the murder of fashion designer Jumbo Carnation. Redneck had used his mutant powers to burn normal humans in the attack; perhaps burning some fatally.

Kid Omega would lead the Omega Gang in a riot at the Xavier Institute. However, Cyclops put a stop to Redneck by carefully using his optic blast to break Redneck’s nose, and thus take him out of the fight. Punishment was handed to those involved in the riot, and Redneck and the others were sent to a prison run by humans.

Like Tattoo and Radian, once their time had been served, they would be sent overseas to do charity work. Like many mutants of the word, Redneck lost his mutant abilities after the events of M-Day.

He would eventually be recruited by a man calling himself Night Thrasher and join a team that had adopted the name “The New Warriors.”

Early in this newly formed team of “New Warriors” the team suffers a casualty when Longstrike, Phaser’s sister is killed. Night Thrasher is hard on the New Warriors and tells them that this is a war, and there will be casualties.

Sometime later, at the Appalachian Safehouse, Night Thrasher finds that the entire area is undisturbed. He had hoped that if Dwayne were still alive he would be hiding here. He does however, managed to snag some of Dwayne’s DNA for testing. As he exits the house however, he discovers he’s not alone and is confronted by Counter Force which consists of: Justice, Rage, Debrii, Slapstick and two of the Scarlet Spiders.

Both Rage and Justice try to talk to Night Thrasher but he refuses to discuss it with them and a fight breaks out – and just when it seems like Night Thrasher’s been captured – the arrival of the New Warriors tips the balance once more.

Throughout the fight Night Thrasher is thinking about how Justice and the rest of Counter Force think he’s a Skrull – while he’s wondering if it was Skrull who perished at Stamford, not his own half-brother. As the fight processes, Night Thrasher realizes that this has to end quickly.

He decides to stop the fight and unveil who he is. He explains his actions about looking for the truth about Dwayne – and whether he would ever take part of some reality television show as a part of the “New Warriors.” Justice steps up and informs Donyell that he can help – because he knows the location of Dwayne’s body.

The New Warriors, along with Counter Force, arrive at the Helicarrier only to find it under attack by Skrulls. The New Warriors and Counter Force get out of the plane as Night Thrasher crashes it into one of the Skrull ships. After that, they follow Justice onto the Helicarrier and begin helping the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents against the Skrulls.

As the New Warriors and Counter Force battle the Skrulls, Night Thrasher grabs Justice and enables “ghost mode” – allowing them to phrase through the floor. The others continue to battle the Skrulls – and just when it seems like they might be doing all right – the arrival of a Super Skrull, looking a lot like Nova, appears and tilts the odds back in favor of the Skrulls.

Meanhile Justice leads Night Thrasher to the bodies of what appears to be Dwayne and Microbe, with Nita’s ashes in a jar. Night Thrasher takes a sample from Dwayne’s body and begins the DNA comparison. All three turn out to be positive identifications – proving that the Dwayne, Namorita and Microbe did indeed die at Stamford. Night Thrasher turns to Justice and explains, he’s taking the remains with him. Justice, after a brief pause, agrees to help.

They bury the New Warriors and create a memorial plaque for Dwayne, Namorita and Zachary.

Later, the New Warriors burst in through the roof and the Dread Dealers are subjected to Pym Particles and reduced in size.

Their victory is short lived however, with the sudden appearance of Sykes, Givens and the New Warriors Task Force. The New Warriors make a break for it – but Blackwing, who is carrying Night Thrasher gets tagged and the two crash to the ground. Panicking, Tempest screams out and doesn’t see the net shot at her – Wondra tries to push her out of the way but gets snagged.

One of the New Warriors Task Force members fires a shot – but Ripcord kicks him at the last moment. The shot hits the flame tank of another New Warriors Task Force member – and Ripcord stops to try and help him. Skybolt seeing that the tank is about to explode tries to get to Ripcord – he manages to grab her and start flying away – but the tank explodes, causing a blinding flash. Night Thrasher gets the other New Warriors together, and they quickly make their escape – unsure of the fate of both Skybolt and Ripcord. They later learned that both apparently perished in the fire. However, Ripcord, with her mutant powers returned, has been seen as X-Stacy. This leaves the fate of Skybolt questionable, as to whether or not he really perished in the explosion.

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond

Powers: Redneck was formerly able to generate intense heat from his hands, that could cause burning; and to some degree cause things to burst into flame as well.

Accessories: Skybolt uses armor that emulates that of the Beetle, and allows him to fly, as well as shoot beams of unknown origin from his metallic gloves.