Nova #9 (V5)

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Nova #9 (V5)

The issue begins with a flashback to the arrival of the Luminals and Cosmo meeting them for the first time. Cosmo is sent to investigate their package, since it seems to register dangerously on their security monitors. Cosmo discusses this with the Luminals, who deny it – and say that there must be something wrong with Cosmo and his men’s equipment.

Cosmo lets the Luminals aboard with their package; and the next day – the people are attacked by what appear to be spirits. The very panic Cosmo had hoped to avoid had now come to pass.

Cosmo calls for an Emergency Lockdown and gets everyone into a Dimensional Envelope that is located on his collar.

The scene changes to Nova examining Cosmo’s collar and seeing the people within the Dimensional Envelope. He releases the collar, because he’s also able to feel their anxiety and tension.

Worldmind tells Nova that he’s discovered some references to Abyss – who turns out to be a Luminal arch-foe who was mystically powered – and contained the ability to turn people into “meat puppets.”

Nova inquires why both he and Cosmo seem to be immune to Abyss’ power – and Worldmind answers, explaining that Cosmo is undoubtedly protected because of his high level of telepathy – while Nova is protected because the same buffers that are used to keep the Phalanx in check are undoubtedly also preventing Abyss from being able to manipulate him.

Cosmo hears that Nova is Phalanx Infected and explains that he has heard many things about the Phalanx – all of it bad – and that he contains some knowledge about the “parents” – the Technarchy – that spawned the Phalanx.

Nova and Cosmo suddenly find themselves under attack by Space Zombies – this time – the Luminals are among them. Cosmo displays that he’s not only a powerful telepath – but an experienced telekinetic as well.

Worldmind reminds Nova that they’re not operating at full potential – and recommends that they escape. Nova grabs Cosmo and does as Worldmind suggests, using a random flight pattern to once again make his escape from the Luminals.

However, when Nova and Cosmo land – they find themselves staring at what appears to be a large black coffin with spirits flying all around it. A voice projects itself – saying to let it out – and that no matter what – it always escapes in the end.

Worldmind begins analyzing what it is – when Cosmo informs Nova that they have company – very bad company – the Space Zombie Luminals have caught up with them again.

Nova tells Cosmo to create a telekinetic shield around them to keep the Space Zombies Luminal at bay – while Nova fights the forces around the casket. Nova pushes himself harder and harder and tells Worldmind to lower the Phalanx buffer by one half of one percent. Worldmind initially argues with Nova, that he refuses to do it because it would allow the Techno-Organic Virus into Nova’s system again.

Nova tells Worldmind to do it – and finally Worldmind does. Once again feeling the Techno-Organic virus coursing through him – Nova places his hands on the casket – and allows the virus to spread into the casket itself. As a Select he’s able to control the Techno-Organic virus and uses it to repair the failing casket of Abyss – locking him away once again.

The result leads to the Space Zombies turning to dust, including the former Lumani.

Cosmo asks if Nova is all right and he informs him that he’s battled the virus once before, he can do it again.

The people of Knowhere are restored and Cosmo takes Nova to the Continuum Cortex – where he will be teleported to Kvch, the Technarchy homeworld and birthplace of the Phalanx.

Nova thanks him and is teleported away.

Two hours later however, there is an emergency broadcast in Knowhere – and Cosmo responds to find many people of Knowhere slaughtered brutally. He arrives just in time to see Gamora and Drax teleporting away through the Continuum Cortex, with a plotted coarse following Nova.

Worldmind finally tells Nova that it has translated the writing in blood that it had seen on the wall – and they discover that it was numbers counting down.

The scene shifts on that note to the Luminals, as they stand around a huge coffin like structure, informing someone named Abyss that it is over – the end of the Universe would swoon be swallowing him and his time was over.

But the essence called Abyss proves to be more powerful – and in a flash of energy – the Luminals are turned into space zombies!