New Warriors #2 (V5)

New Warriors #2 (V5)


New Warriors #2 begins with a young man riding the subway in New York. Just as a child tells his mother that the young man has a small horn on his head, there is a massive explosion that derails the train. The train comes to a stretching halt with no apparent casualties; and the young man with the small horn on his head notices flashes of light further down the subway tunnel and makes his way down where he discovers Sun Girl fighting off the Evolutionaries, trying to defend the Morlocks.

The scene shifts to New Salem, Colorado, where Justice and Vertigo find themselves being attacked by the Evolutionaries as well. A blast from the Evolutionaries knocks Justice and Vertigo to the ground and one prepares to deliver the killing blow against Vertigo for corrupting the human race with the taint of magic – but Justice manages to use his telekinesis to shove the Evolutionary forward, so that the blast misses Vertigo. The other two Evolutionaries turn to Justice and explain – at one time, they were sent to help Mutantkind – but the leader of the mutants betrayed them – and now all mutants must perish. Speedball shows up and hits them with kinetic balls – disrupting them for a moment, giving Brutacus a chance to attack – but the Evolutionaries recover too quickly and blast Brutacus. They pause to take Brutacus and then teleport away, explaining that they will return to burn the rest of New Salem in time.

The scene shifts to Mexico, where Kaine Parker (better known as The Scarlet Spider) attacks Watersnake, who stands among several dead bodies in the water. He manages to land one solid punch against her, which barely phases her. She then strikes him in the throat with her fingers, knocking the air out of him; then lunges upward and kicks him in the chest and tries to stab him with her trident. When he dodges, she swings it around and sweeps his fee from beneath him, then traps him in a waterspout, with the threat that he will run out of air. MarĂ­a Aracely, better known as Hummingbird gets behind Watersnake and instill fear within her. She releases Kaine, and explains that she is Faira Sar Namora of Atlantis. She had traveled to Lemuria in search of someone when the city was attacked by Deviant forces. During the battle – a new enemy appeared – killing all without discretion – and they slaughtered everyone. At that very moment, the Evolutionaries emerge from the water.

Justice and Speedball arrive in New York City, via Justice’s telekinesis. It is eluded to that Justice can now fly extremely far distances, as well as very high distances, at great speeds. While at Avengers Mansion, Jarvis assists them – and they access a file created by Scott Summers – Cyclops. The file shows that the Evolutionaries had attacked Utopia. The file explains that the Evolutionaries had been there since the dawn of man. They were created by one of the Eternals who apparently took pity on humanity; the blacksmith known as Phastos. The Evolutionaries had been bent on destroying every human on the planet, when the X-Men interfered. While they were there – the alarm went off signaling an explosion in the subway system. Justice turns to Speedball and asks if he can act like an Avenger for a day. Speedball smiles and says, “No, but I can act like a Warrior.”

The scene shifts back to the subway tunnel, where Sun Girl stands between several members of the Evolutionaries and the Morlocks behind her that she was trying to defend. The Evolutionaries give Sun Girl a chance to get out of the way or die. She takes the option to die and fires on the Evolutionaries; they in turn return fire – only it never hits Sun Girl. The strange young man from the subway with the small horn on his head, jumps in the way and takes the blast – and lives. He devours their blast – and the Evolutionaries immediately trigger an alarm that he is an Inhuman.

At that moment, Speedball and Justice arrive. Realizing that the threat against them was potentially too high now; the Evolutionaries make they escape and teleport away.

Somewhere else – in the dark – Sam Alexander awakes to find himself floating in a prison. All around him are murdered humanoid animals. He sees his helmet sitting on a table – and next to it, none other than the High Evolutionary himself. The High Evolutionary explains that the Gods – the Celestials – are returning to Earth to pass judgement on the world and that Sam and himself are the only ones who can save the world.