Real Name: Rafael Carago
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Wanderer
Citizenship: Citizenship Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Formerly the New Warriors
First Appearance: Maximum Clonage Alpha (1995)
History: Rafael Carago’s history is a mystery, even to himself.

When Spidercide had released an improved “Carrion Virus” into Springdale, Pennsylvania, the entire population was dead within moments. Unbeknownst to both Jackal and Spidercide as they walked through Springdale, there was only one survivor whom they did not see, which was none other than Rafael Carago. He was later found by the Center of Disease Control; and when Jackal and Spidercide had heard that someone had survived, they returned back to the scene of their massacre.

Rafael’s skin had darkened by the time Disease Control personal were able to restrain him the night he had been found. Though he had been injected with a sedative, when he awoke he easily tore himself free and escaped. The New Warriors however, had shown up and taken Rafael down. Rafael was taken by Project: Pegasus, where unknown to them, Spidercide had impersonated the helicopter pilot and escaped with Rafael.

Jackal, who was intrigued by the notion that Rafael had survived, began experimenting on him, which lead to what appeared to be clothing bonded to his skin. Growing frustrated by the inability to discover how Rafael (who was then nicknamed ‘Helix’) not only survived the Carrion Virus – but developed adaptiod powers as well. During an attack by several ‘Spider Clones’ – Rafael was able to make his escape from the Jackal.

Despite his escape however, Rafael began suffering from delusions of Spidercide and Jackal attacking him, which inadvertently led to him tearing through Manhattan. The New Warriors had tried to stop Rafael from attacking and destroying Manhattan, but were unable to – until Scarlet Spider had showed up and encased Rafael in a cocoon of webbing. However that did not last long, as Rafael’s body adapted to the threat and grew large spikes on his body that tore apart Scarlet Spider’s webbing. Subdued by Scarlet Spider’s stingers, the New Warriors thought it was better that they took him, for fear that Jackal might come looking for him.

In the basement of the New Warriors Headquarters, in the Combat Room – Scarlet Spider discovered that if no one and nothing was attacking Rafael, his body would have nothing to adapt to and he would return to his normal self. It was later, in the combat room that Rafael spoke his first word, since his transformation – which was Spanish, “Bueno.”

When Justice had offered Rafael to go free, much to his surprise and the surprise of the team, Rafael offered to stay. It was later that the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were hunting temporal abnormalities, that they discovered that it was Speedball. It was however, actually his altered duplicate constructed in the future and at that time, believed to be the actual Speedball.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were not surprised to see that the New Warriors would not surrender one of their own, leading to a fight against them. Rafael held his own, not just against Hollywood (an alternate future version of Wonder Man), but also Charlie-23 – until the duplicate Speedball unconsciously ‘reset’ time to before the Guardians showed up, causing Omni-Sphinx (the amalgamated version of Anath-Na Mut and Meryet Karim) to attack instead.

The Omni-Sphinx attacked Speedball, but the fight ended up outside of the headquarters, and Rafael was unable to react quick enough, leaving him behind.

It wasn’t until later, while standing around the Crashpad that Timeslip entered the room with blinding speed, and somehow opened up a doorway into the “Kinetic Dimension” which allowed the time displaced New Warriors to return home.

As time had went on, he grew close to Michiko Musachi (Turbo) who was teaching him English, while she was learning Spanish from him. She let it slip that she was considering leaving the team, when Rafael confessed that he was considering the same thing (in truth, he had only remained as long as he had, because of her). He told her that he wanted to find out who he was since his own past was a blank slate; and with that, left the New Warriors a few days later.

Height: 7’11” (Varies also, due to powers)
Weight: 338 lbs (Varies also, due to powers)
Eyes: White (No Visible Pupils)
Hair: Black
Powers: Helix is a reactive Adaptoid, he can unconsciously recode his DNA in response to threatening outside stimuli, he can alter or evolve his body to physically counter kinetic or energy based threats to his well-being. He can increase in size and strength, cancel psychokinetic energies in his vicinity, and adapt to any environmental toxin. His body automatically and unconsciously adapts to counter any threat. After the crisis has passed, his body resets itself to its baseline form. His body’s adaptive capabilities allowed him to go toe-to-toe with alternate versions of Wonder Man and Charlie-27 at the same time.
Accessories: None

Note: Timeslip saw a possible vision of Justice, Alex Power, and Helix falling into a spiral, which may have been a dimensional or time portal; however the vision never came to pass.