War of Kings: Darkhawk #1

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War of Kings is an event that spans through several comics. This issue begins with Chris Powell, better known as Darkhawk, waking up late from his home. There is some internal dialogue and thoughts about how he has left his life as a superhero behind, due to anger management issues he’s been suffering lately; that life he’s left behind included Michiko ‘Mickey’ Musashi, better known as his former team mate and love interest, Turbo.

He leaves the house, keeping the promise of no more secrets from his family, changing into Darkhawk and arriving at his new job, as one of the security at Project: Pegasus. Just as he arrives, several of the UFOs (a team of villains) has escaped their cells at Project: Pegasus. Vector, of the UFOs bursts through the wall and attacks Darkhawk – going for his amulet. The “amulet” takes over and aggressively blasts Vector, seemingly almost killing him. Darkhawk lands, worried that he has indeed possibly killed Vector. When one of the scientists (Doctor Necker) reaches out to Darkhawk, without looking, he back hands her. Doctor Necker is all right and offers to help Chris by studying the amulet, but he takes to the air and leaves.

The scene shifts to Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Manhattan, where the team – formerly known as the Excelsior (Loners) – and the very team that Chris Powell had left behind, is having another meeting, explaining that they had left Los Angeles to start anew – once more, after having been betrayed by none other than Chris Powell. The former Excelsior (Loners) react aggressively towards Chris, scolding him, wondering how he had the nerve to show up – but he doesn’t fight or defend himself – instead he simply states, “I need your help.”

Michiko ‘Mickey’ Musashi leaves with Chris, talking to him about how he should let someone look at the armor and amulet, because that’s where the problem seems to be. They arrive at Chris’ house and embrace, and when Mickey playfully pushes Chris away – the amulet reacts – but this time does not attack. Instead, it simply lights up – as if reacting to something. At that very moment, a small, burning figure from the sky crashes into Chris’ home and causes an explosion. When Chris and Mickey run over – they’re both surprised to see what appears to be another Darkhawk, lying unconscious on the floor!

The second Darkhawk reaches out to Chris and touches his amulet which transforms Chris, surprisingly, into Darkhawk – calling Chris “Designate Powell.”

Before Chris can find out too much more – there’s a secondary explosion!

Note: This issue also has a backup secondary story which reprints the original Darkhawk #1