New Warriors #2 (V4)

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New Warriors #2 (Volume 4)

This issue begins with a female newscaster on the television talking about this new team calling themselves the “New Warriors.” She goes on to explain the tragic event at Stamford, Connecticut that led to the deaths of six hundred and twelve people, and would go on to spark what was called the “Civil War” among heroes, and would finally lead to the death of Captain America.

The news goes on to say how the appearance of Wondra, one of the members of this newly formed New Warriors, saved the lives of many people by hefting a bus over her head; and without her timely appearance, many lives would have been lost.

At Avengers Mansion, where Wolverine sits with Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and Doctor Strange; Wolverine notices something very special about the one calling herself Wondra, and quickly excuses himself, telling the others not to wait for him.

The news caster goes on to explain that the actions of the New Warriors have created such a stir of interest, that they dominate the searches on the web; and are broadcasting a message from tagging to “blogging” – their message is clear: Resistance.

The scene shifts and we see Ms. Marvel getting an audience with Tony Stark, the new leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony asks what kind of intel they have on the New Warriors, and Ms. Marvel explains not much; because most of them died at Stamford, and most of the others are accounted for. When he asks which ones are not accounted for, she sites Helix, Firestar and a few others. Tony and Ms. Marvel agree that perhaps this is where they should begin their search.

The scene shifts again, and we see Sophia talking to Night Thrasher. She explains that she has no powers and no interest in joining the New Warriors. Night Thrasher explains to her that they need her; and it begins with the Super Human Registration Act, but then where does it stop? Sophia reminds him again that she has no powers, and once more declines his offer. Night Thrasher hands her a small token, no larger than a quarter, and when she asks what it is, Night Thrasher merely answers, “Your future.”

Sophia and Barnell leave. With a signal, lights come on in the control room and we see seven other mysterious members of the New Warriors. Night Thrasher is approached by Wondra, and mocks him about how well that had gone over with Sophia. Night Thrasher hardly seems concerned and brushes it aside as a “minor set back.”

The scene shifts to Givens and Sykes, pinning needles on the map trying to center where the New Warriors could be operating from. Sykes brings up the notion that perhaps not all of the New Warriors who were present at Stamford died in the accident. Givens brushes it off as nonsense, claiming no one could have survived such a blast. He added what would be the point of using the name New Warriors, since it would draw so much attention, to which Sykes countered, what if that was their intention?

The scene shifts again and we see the Blob raging a battle against the X-Men and defeating the likes of Colossus and Wolverine; when suddenly Sophia showed up, wearing a New Warriors adorned costume and defeats Blob. However, Sophia wakes from the dream after a long kiss with Julian Keller, and finds herself on her bed, all alone; the dream of having her powers returning yet again to haunt her.

The next day on the way to work, Sophia talks with the homeless man Night Thrasher had paid to give her the PDA and learns his name is Sam. She discusses the idea of doing something you want to versus the idea of doing something you have to. Sam told her there’s only two real choices in life – you play it safe, or you risk it all and go after what you really want in life.

The scene shifts to Sophia waiting tables and the television comes on with Tony Stark, dressed in S.H.I.E.L.D. attire, with a broadcast to all the newest “New Warriors” that they’re good, but what they’re doing is criminal, even if it’s common foes, such as Rhino, Anaconda, Grey Gargoyle, and the like that they’re leaving for local authorities to find. Tony then offers them to join the Initiative and all of their crimes will be pardoned. Sofia grows furious at such a statement, and nearly spills the contents she was carrying. Al, the owner of the diner fed up with Sophia, gives her trash duty. She goes outside taking the trash with her, when the coin like object Night Thrasher had given her fell out of her pocket and onto the floor. Picking it up and examining it one more time, she tossed it aside only to have it explode into a burst of light.

When she turned, no one other than Jubilee was standing there. Her and Jubilee talk about the loss of their powers, and how the world has changed around them. Sophia confesses that she has had dreams of her powers returning, but nothing like that could ever happen. Sophia then tells Jubilee that she was even approached by this new team called “The New Warriors.” Jubilee explains that she knows; and that she was as well, and she joined, just as Barry (Beak) had done. Jubilee then assures Sophia that not having powers, isn’t an issue as she slams her first through a wall that had Iron Man’s “Register Now” poster up!