Firestar #3 (LS)

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Firestar #3 (LS)

The issue opens up with Firestar in the training room with Emma Frost looking on. Emma communicates with her telepathically. She swoops down and takes out a laser aimed at her, then two robots one after another. However, in her moment of over confidence, she is caught off guard by a holographic Charles Xavier shooting a machine gun at her, and taking the fight out of her.

The scene shifts to the White Queen communicating with Sebastian Shaw about how Firestar will remain loyal to her and that she will make for the perfect assassin. Shaw questions her, since she had supposedly had “Thunderbird” (James Proudstar) under her thrall as well and he had since broke ranks with the Hellions.

The scene shifts to Mrs. Cohen’s dance class where in the middle of Angelica’s dance, Roulette uses one of her “bad luck disks” to make Angelica trip. Empath then further enhances Mrs. Cohen’s annoyance. When Angelica realizes what Empath has done, her emotions get the best of her, which triggers her powers and unleashing the sprinklers.

Emma tells Angelica not to worry and that she has arranged for a trip for Angelica to head back home and visit with her father. Emma sends Angelica’s bodyguard as well. Meanwhile, the nightmares continue with visions of Wolverine and Nightcrawler apparently trying to kill her. Emma comforts her and tells her it’s just a nightmare. When Angelica arrives at the airport, her father hugs her and looks uncomfortable, all the while bonding with Angelica’s bodyguard.

When Angelica gets home, she grabs Pum’kin her cat and begins cuddling with the feline, when her father yanks it out of her hands, shouting, “Are you crazy girl? Give me that animal before you accidentally -!” However, once he sees the pain in Angelica’s eyes, he halts himself – but he knows he doesn’t have to finish his sentence. She knows what he was going to say. She knows what he is thinking. All without the magnificent powers of telepathy.

When he tries to apologize, Angelica swats his hand away and runs out of the room crying. Randall approaches Bart and explains that perhaps it would be better if he and Angelica left in the morning.

The following morning at the airport, Randall is distracted by Bruno of the Hellfire Club, while a punk rocker bumps into Angelica, dropping his radio on the ground. When her father tries to step in to defend her, he is quickly knocked down. The people begin kicking him – and the punk rocker who dropped the radio shoots at Angelica – but she melts the bullets before the reach her. So he turns the gun on Bart, and Angelica reacts instinctively burning the punk rocker. When Bruno gets the signal, he releases Randall.

At the Hellfire Club, White Queen looks inside the folder, having already selected Angelica’s first assassination target – The Black Queen, Selene!