War of Kings: Darkhawk #2

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The issue opens up with Darkhawk yelling at the second “Darkhawk” who has shown up. The second “Darkhawk” introduces himself as Talon, and explains that the Darkhawk needs to get out of there – and that he needs to hear the Datasong – and that the Hunter Drone that was chasing him was right behind him. The reason for the second explosion that struck Chris’ home makes itself known by emerging from the flames. It’s a large humanoid beast, that Talon explains is a Hunter Drone – sent to eradicate their kind. When Darkhawk asks what he means, Talon explains that he and Darkhawk are a part of the Fraternity of Raptors and Hunter Drones were made to eradicate all Raptors. When the Hunter Drone blasts Darkhawk – Darkhawk emerges, his Darkhawk suit having reconfigured itself to what Talon calls “Strike Mode Suit” – together, Darkhawk and Talon manage to destroy the Hunter Drone.

Talon explains that the Datasong was wrong about Chris’ bond with the amulet; and that it ran much deeper than any of them had expected. Talon also explains to Darkhawk how he can call on different configurations of the “Raptor Armor” depending on his needs. Chris turns away from Talon when he learns his mother had been seriously injured during the Hunter Drone’s attack and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, Chris and Mickey get into a fight, due to Chris’ anger issues surfacing again. Talon arrives at the hospital, and Chris changes into Darkhawk and attacks him (furious that Talon brought the Hunter Drone down with him).

As Talon and Darkhawk fight, Talon explains that the Raptors are needed now more than ever. Talon explains that the Raptor armor was never made to be worn by humans; and that’s why Chris’ mind was getting so messed up, trying to cope with what the amulet was doing to him. Talon explains, because Chris had not properly bonded with it, it was slowly driving Chris insane. Then Talon triggered Darkhawk’s amulet to display a 3D image that showed the Shi’ar, the Raptors, Vulcan, Blastaar and even Black Bolt. Talon explains that other Hunter Drones will be coming for Darkhawk and that it was imperative that he learned how to properly use the Raptor armor.

Talon goes on to later explain that the Raptor armor was made eons ago to serve the architects of the universal fate; sworn to use their considerable skills and powers to safeguard the advance of galactic culture; to influence, judge, adjust and shape the fates.

Talon explains that he can begin training Darkhawk in the Negative Zone; and takes Darkhawk there.

Note: This issue has a back story that reprints the original Darkhawk #2.