Darkhawk #36 (V1)

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The issue begins with the Seekers; Laser Works, Fireball, Chain Lightning and Sonic attacking Venom. They assure Darkhawk that they do not intend to injure Darkhawk, unless he gets in the way and that they only want to do what they were contracted for; which is to capture Venom. Darkhawk figures out that whatever the Seekers may be up to may be worse than what Venom may be doing; so Darkhawk puts up a shield to defend him and Venom from the assault directed at them from the Seekers. Darkhawk grabs Venom, and uses his talon to slam Chain Lightning into the other members of the Seekers. Weakened by their attacks, Darkhawk tells Venom that it’s only a matter of time before the Seekers catch up and get them; Venom extends his symbiotic costume over Darkhawk; and together they hide in the dark clouds that linger over the city. They land on the Golden Gate Bridge where Venom explains that the last time they met, that he had faked his own death because he sensed goodness within Darkhawk. He then asks if Darkhawk will be helping him against the Seekers and their employer; Darkhawk, astonished, and angered that he had spent weeks thinking he killed Venom, disagrees, and informs Venom that he plans on turning him in.

The scene shifts and we see Cale, who had a part in putting together the Savage Steel project; an armored super hero that the cops could control that would go out and kill criminals, since putting them behind bars never seemed to work. Mike Powell, strapped to a bed, tells Cale that he was wrong about everything. Cale, furious, explains that Powell is lucky that he’s even alive. If it had not been for McMurtry and Sternhagen looking for Venom on the island, they would have never found Powell and saved him. Cale turns on a television and reveals that Bazin is also alive, but only through life support. Cale threatens that Powell could end up that way too, or he could give Cale the list of everyone who betrayed him and the Savage Steel Project and live to see his kids.

The scene shifts briefly where we see St. Johnny suddenly change into a metallic version of himself after complaining about feeling the Psionic Attacks again that had previously indicated Evilhawk was on his way.

The scene shifts again, and we see Darkhawk and Venom fighting. Darkhawk keeps trying to get the upper hand, but Venom proves to be his better. Venom manages to slam Darkhawk against the ground and warns him that he’s going to let him live, only because Darkhawk helped Venom get away from the Seekers; but get in his way one more time and he will feast on “whatever passes for brains, that you might have.” Darkhawk tries to recover by changing back, but to his surprise and horror he can’t change back to Chris Powell. As if matters couldn’t get worse, he watches as the Seekers capture Venom by dropping out of cloak, and attacking him. With Venom captured, the Seekers depart. Darkhawk relaxes and is finally able to change back into Chris. He ponders changing back into Darkhawk, fearful he might get stuck as Darkhawk; but he realizes the only way to save his father will be as Darkhawk; and thus, he changes back and continues his search.

Darkhawk manages to catch up, but the Seekers are ready for him. Laser Works keeps Venom encased in an energy cage, while Fireball, Chain Lightning and Sonic go after Darkhawk, who has crashed into the ocean. Darkhawk manages to blast them with his darkforce but the blast shoves him underwater; he’s surprised to see that Venom is there to pull him to shore and save him. Venom explains that he used his tendrils while Laser Works was distracted watching the others attack Darkhawk. On the shore Venom proposes once again that he and Darkhawk team up. Once again Darkhawk refuses.