New Warriors #4 (V3)

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New Warriors #4 (Volume 3)

This issue begins in Nüponder, Minnesota. The small town had originally been called Ponder, until a German Automotive Company called Nücar. We also learn that apparently some large, blurred figure caught on amateur film of something that had abducted cats previously.

A quick switch to the New Warriors traveling van and we learn that Microbe has crafted an offensive concoction that he figures he can throw and have the bacteria attack their foes. The Warriors find themselves surrounded by a tremendous welcoming committee upon reaching Nüponder.

The New Warriors meet Ms. Schave who puts her cat, Mr. Tickles in the care of the New Warriors. The New Warriors in turn use Mr. Tickles as a way to lure the one abducting the animals. Much to the surprise of the New Warriors, it would appear that the pet abductor is none other than the galactic Terrax!

Just as the New Warriors are about to spring into action, Debrii makes her debut. Debrii, brought on to “join” the New Warriors per Ashley, begins swinging and doing a fine job of taking care of Terrax. However, in the process, her powers kick up a bunch of – well, debris making it difficult for the other Warriors to see where Terrax is. Microbe throws one of his canisters of germs at Terrax and commands them to attack. But in the end, thanks to Debrii, Terrax is able to escape with Mr. Tickles!

Ashley introduces Debrii after Terrax makes his escape. Nova and Namorita grab Speedball and Night Thrasher and tell Microbe and Debrii that they’re too new to the game to come and if they want to come – they’re walking.

Nova, Night Thrasher, Namorita and Speedball manage to find the fortress where they’re greeted by…Albert Einstein, Leonard Da Vinci, Virginia Woolf, and Seigmund Freud!