New Warriors #8 (V4)

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New Warriors #8 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with a bang as Midnight’s Fire attacks Night Thrasher. Midnight’s Fire seems to hold the edge through his surprise attack – until he stops and says, “Just as I thought. An impostor. The real Night Thrasher would not have fallen so easy.”

To which Night Thrasher, returns the favor by relentlessly attacking Midnight’s Fire. The match is broken up when Silhouette manipulates the Darkforce Energy to pull the two of them apart from one another.

Silhouette questions her brother, whom she calls Aaron, and asks if he’s been following her. However, much to her surprise, Night Thrasher informs her that Midnight’s Fire is there by request.

The scene shifts and we see Barry, Vin, Jono and three of Barry’s children all in a room. While Vin plays a game against one of Barry’s children – Jono seems preoccupied by the television. When Barry and Vin check what Jono is watching – they see that it’s a news broadcast with some people talking about the New Warriors – and some of them referring to the Warriors as terrorists. Vin seems to be the only one to disagree while Jono and Barry actually begin to think about what they do as Warriors – actually being borderline terrorism.

Not far the girls begin to discuss things about family – and what it was like with the X-Men, and how they’re much better off now. The conversation comes to an end when dinner is ready, and the rest of the team is called in to eat.

The scene shifts once more to Ultra-Girl training the Junior Guardsmen, with Rage and Justice, formerly of the New Warriors looking on. After a brief discussion, Rage mentions that they need to get back into the game – and when Justice asks just what he means by that – Rage confirms that they should join The New Warriors.

Another scene shift, and we find ourselves on the rooftop with Night Thrasher, Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire. Night Thrasher informs Midnight’s Fire that there is something he needs that only Midnight’s Fire can find and get for him – and when Silhouette tries to stop Night Thrasher from dealing with him – he brushes her aside and says, “Not now.”

Midnight’s Fire asks if Night Thrasher and the New Warriors plan to take down the Initiatives by themselves, to which Night Thrasher replies, “Something like that.”

Midnight’s Fire leaves saying that he will consider Night Thrasher’s offer. Night Thrasher then turns to Silhouette and tells her to forget everything they had – and when she says she can not shut off her feelings, Night Thrasher says, “Try” and proceeds to leap from the rooftop to depart.

A slight scene shift and we see Aaron Chord, Midnight’s Fire, driving a car with a shadowed figure in the back. The figure informs Midnight’s Fire to keep his options open – and that it’s fortunate that Night Thrasher has contacted him – for there may be use for him just yet.