Nova #8 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

NOTE: This issue is a tie in to the INFINITY cross over.

Five hundred miles from Earth, Thanos and his armada arrive. Corvus Glaive explains to Thanos that there is an essence of a Nova on Earth, but not Richard Rider – nor any of the regular Novas – but rather one of the Black Novas. Thanos tells Corvus to send the daughter of Proxima Midnight – Kaldera – down to Earth to put an end to this Nova’s life.

The scene shifts to Robbie Baldwin (Speedball) and Vance Astrovik (Justice) watching Sam, as Nova, help clean up the Carefree Skate Park that he had damaged during his battle with Titus. As they conclude the clean up, Nova explains that he must leave now – and Carrie whispers that she knows it’s Sam. Nova turns and faces her and quickly blasts off, leaving the scene. In the air, Sam yells at his helmet for not disguising his voice – then removes his helmet to confront it – forgetting that it would also remove the Nova uniform that allowed him to fly. Sam crashes into the Carefree Skate Park, once again causing damage – but he lands as Nova.

The scene shifts back to Thanos’ armada where Proxima Midnight tells Kaldera that she has been summoned to hunt down another Nova. She shows Kaldera the glove of a previous black Nova that Thanos supposedly captured, that somehow ties to the current Nova detected on Earth.

The scene shifts back to Earth where Sam wakes up in the back of a pick up, no longer in his Nova costume. Robbie and Vance explain to him what happened. Sam wants nothing of it, explaining that he turned down the Avengers, there’s no way he’d join a team he’s never heard of. Vance explains that they had another Nova on their team before – and this captures Sam’s attention.

Across town, at Sam’s house, Kaelynn goes outside to play and bumps into Kaldera who asks where Sam is.