Darkhawk #23 (V1)

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The issue begins with a techno version of St. Johnny demanding that Chris Powell surrender peacefully, and the “Mind Death” will be a quick and peaceful one. However, his actions prove otherwise as a blast from his hand barely misses Chris and strikes his house, causing a portion of it to explode and go up in flames. Inside the house, Grace, Jon and Jason scramble down to the basement for safety and attempt to call the police.

Elsewhere at the Radio Club, Terry, Lou and Gene discuss possibly kicking Chris out since he never shows up. And not far from there, one of the students, during a Current Events Club, discusses how Darkhawk is a menace, because his friend Headset had been hurt during a battle Darkhawk had, and also how the scientist Vonya, ended up dead because of Darkhawk. A floor below them, in a darkened room, Cheryl cries about her situation with Chris, unsure of what to do, snapping at her friend Jan, who is taking pictures of her, because that’s what she does when she’s nervous. Elsewhere, Allegra is seen drawing pictures of Chris Powell’s face. And then back at the school, Principal Thad calls in Chris’ Faculty Adviser, Rose, and asks her if she can think of a good reason that Chris Powell shouldn’t be suspended from school for lack of attendance.

Speaking of Chris, the scene shifts to him, where the techno St. Johnny has blasted Chris in the leg, making it impossible for Chris to move. Fifty yards from there, however, the man who proclaimed to be Chris’ predecessor to the Darkhawk amulet begins to stir once more. The man gets into a truck and tries to drive it into St. Johnny, but he merely blasts the truck. In space, St. Johnny is contacted again by the mysterious begin who explains that he will arrive shortly.

Elsewhere, Arthur Vale, under FBI protection, makes his escape by rendering the FBI Agent unconscious with a frying pan, and takes his machine gun and escapes into the night to take care of some criminals.

Back at the fight, Code Blue arrives on the scene and distracts St. Johnny long enough for Chris to get around and jump on St. Johnny to recover the Darkhawk amulet. Transforming into Darkhawk, he begins attacking St. Johnny, but can’t seem to get the best of him. He uses a full blast to try and be free of St. Johnny which sends him flying through the wall. He uses that time to escape for a moment to switch to Chris Powell, so he can heal; but before he can switch back to Darkhawk, St. Johnny grabs him again and he loses his hold on the amulet.

Back to Arthur Vale, he manages to sneak up and kill one mugger, then spots the others. He’s about to take them out with his gun, when he hit from behind. The man recognizes him as Arthur Vale. Back to Chris, he manages to escape and grab the Darkhawk amulet, changing into Darkhawk once more and shove an iron beam through St. Johnny’s chest, apparently terminating St. Johnny; but before Darkhawk can rest, Code Blue arrives and tells him to be still; but he can’t as he’s assaulted by the same telepathic communication that had changed St. Johnny!