Nova #2 (V4)

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Nova #2 (V4)

The issue begins with Drax explaining that he wants Nova to work together with him and Cammi, because as Nova, he has access to the hangars and the authorization to jump start one of the ships that could get them off the dying planet.

Nova counters that he’s a dangerous person to be around and a liability. But Drax simply points at the destruction around him and says nothing could be more dangerous than the Annihilation Wave, and that they should stick together.

Drax explains that Cammi is from Earth, and she confirms by assuring Nova that she’s from Coot’s Bluff, Alaska. WorldMind begins speaking with Nova, and Drax and Cammi begin to wonder if Nova is insane; until Drax concludes that Nova is undoubtedly speaking to some virtual control center.

WorldMind informs Nova that “Drax” is better known as “Drax the Destroyer” – a mass murderer and that Nova should not be consorting with him. Nova explains that they’re survivors and he plans to help them. WorldMind learns that Nova is afraid to use his power, because of the “explosion” of Nova Force when he was destroying the Annihilation Ships. WorldMind assures Nova that it won’t happen again, and that it is important to keep his emotions in check. Nova declines and argues that the sooner WorldMind helps Nova find a hangar with some ships so that he can help the survivors get off the planet, the sooner Nova can get to WorldMind’s primary objective.

WorldMind leads them to a ship where the Annihilation Bug Aliens seem to be devouring the ships. Drax explains that’s what they do. WorldMind pinpoints another location for ships in the sub-level but they’re seen. Drax tells Nova to grab Cammi and go while he remains behind to fight them. Nova and Cammi find themselves pursued, and one of the aliens comes from beneath the ground and is about to devour Cammi, when Drax arrives and kills it. Drax questions Nova for not using his power, at the same time the WorldMind insists that it’s critical that Nova listen to him. Sick of it, Nova throws his helmet and Drax and tells them to sort it out. Drax puts on the helmet.

As Drax and WorldMind speak, Nova and Cammi talk about Earth, and how Nova got his powers. Drax approaches them and hands Nova his helmet back and explains that WorldMind explained Rich’s problems – a matter of self control. Drax assures Nova that he can help him control those powers – as someone who has destroyed a lot, it takes concentration. Nova asks again if he’s Drax the Destroyer, and Drax smiles and says, “Perish the thought.”

They make it to the ship and Nova is instructed to open up a Star Gate. Nova explains he doesn’t have that much power, and Drax assures him he does. Nova doubts he can control it, and Drax then assures him that he will help. So Nova uses his powers and rips open a Star Gate – as Nova begins to lose control, Drax says, “Keep it under control, or I’m going to kill you.” Nova simply replies, “And this is how you’re going to help me control my powers?” Drax nods and says, “Yeah, because it’s working.”

The ship comes out of the Star Gate at Nycos Aristedes, nine light years from Xandar – and as the ship gets pulled into a planet’s atmosphere – they’re suddenly greeted by none other than Quasar!