Nova (V7) #2

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Nova #2 (V6)

The scene opens with Jesse waking Sam up and telling him that it’s time to get up. He explains to Sam, that despite it being Saturday, that due to the gas lines bursting and the continued tremors, that he has to go to work and see what’s going on. Sam gets up to get pancakes, to find that his sister has eaten most of them. His friends eventually come over and invite him to join them for mini golf – and when he explains why they’d go there, his friends give the simplest answer, “Because there’s girls there.”

At the mining site, Jesse and his co-worker find another tunnel. But even more stressful – a large beast, unlike anything ever seen before, with endless rows of teeth, and massive, crimson scales, bursts from beneath the ground, towering over forty feet tall. Jesse texts Sam that it’s an emergency; so at the mini golf game, Sam is forced to excuse himself from his friends – again – this time, they seem far less convinced, or happy, that Sam is frequently leaving them behind to always “go help his father.”

The giant worm, seems to increase in both size and power, as it displays a fiery breath, bringing more and more destruction. Sam arrives and gives his father his golden helmet, and together they try to take on the crimson worm – only to have Sam’s father’s helmet give out again, and get blasted by fire from the worm. Sam forgets the worm and rushes to his father’s side; only to see his father’s face extremely disfigured. His father urges Sam to go after the worm, since it was headed for the city. Sam goes after the worm, giving it everything he’s got – but nothing seems to slow down the giant worm, until Sam finally uses the top of a mountain, to collapse it on the worm, putting a stop to it. Sam returns to where his father had been – only to discover he was gone!