Nova #16 (V6)

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Nova #16 (V6)

The issue begins with Beta Ray Bill and Nova facing off against a very well armed Skaarn! Beta Ray Bill explains to Nova that Nova must engage one on one against Skaarn while Beta Ray Bill opens a portal; but before they can shove Skaarn into the portal they must separate him from the weapons he has. Skaarn then mocks Beta Ray Bill saying that he never could find anyone to purchase the Korbonites as slaves (Beta Ray Bill’s people) and blasts a hole in the ship. Nova immediately attacks Skaarn and tells Beta Ray Bill to go help his own people.

Nova tries to battle Skaarn; but Skaarn is too much, hitting Nova repeatedly, and taunting that Skaarn had almost been caught; except that it was Nova, who believed Skaarn’s lies, and charged the Nova battery that allowed him to escape from being captured; and thus giving him the chance to grab the weapons he now has. Nova, realizing that Skaarn is too much, after being severely beaten repeatedly, hopes for Beta Ray Bill’s appearance quickly. Nova realizes he’s no match for Skaarn and tries to get away; but Skaarn makes the mistake of threatening Earth. Nova becomes furious and attacks Skaarn, screaming that he’s tired of being bullied constantly, and mistakenly calls Skaarn “Moffet.” Nova slams Skaarn against a planet and unleashes a fury of blows against Skaarn that renders Skaarn barely coherent. Nova then takes the energy spear and throws it into the nearby sun. Grabbing Skaarn by the foot, Nova flies back into space and meets up with Beta Ray Bill, where he explains that he defeated Skaarn and threw the energy spear into the sun. Beta Ray Bill signs, and explains that the spear could split worlds if it needed to; and undoubtedly survived it’s journey into the sun. Beta Ray Bill goes into the sun to find the spear while Nova is left to deal with Skaarn.

Nova turns to the bounty hunter named Cadivan. Nova offers up Skaarn in exchange for the Nova helmet that Cadivan has. When Cadivan grows furious with Nova assuming that he’d just so eagerly trade the helmet for Skaarn; he slams his fist into the table, shattering it, and spilling the contents all over the floor. Cadivan’s wife, scorns both him as well as Nova and exists the room. Cadivan turns to Nova and whispers, that he agrees to Nova’s terms and to leave before his wife grows angry.

The scene shifts to Nowhere, where Nova enters the massive vessel with the Nova helmet that Cadivan had. He sees Beta Ray Bill thanking Jinin for helping save his people. Cosmo seems to suggest that he knew Sam’s father; but before Sam can ask much more, Jinin approaches Sam and punches him. She explains that when Sam first met her, she practically begged him to arrest Skaarn and that she was in desperate need of the bounty money that was on Skaarn’s head. She storms off, telling Sam that he has made a new enemy this day.

Nova and Beta Ray Bill go to the edge of the Universe, where the fallen Nova is from the latest helmet he acquired from Cadivan. He has second thoughts about leaving the helmet there, and begins to remove it when he notices a necklace that he didn’t notice before. Beta Ray Bill warns him that one should not rob from the dead, and take only what is needed. Beta Ray Bill and Nova then depart ways and Nova heads home where he finds an eviction notice tapped to the front door!