Darkhawk #47 (V1)

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The issue opens with the Mahari aliens having Portal and Ned capture, with the promise to kill them both. On the planet not too far away, a dying Darkhawk rises to his feet; debating what he should do, recalling everything that led up to the moment and predicament he was in now. Darkhawk recalls how Portal had asked Darkhawk for help on that day when he saw him; just after he had returned from the Amulet Quest. Portal had explained how the Mahari were hunting him down and he was looking for help. Darkhawk is however, overcome with pain, and Portal takes him to the Darkhawk Ship, where Ned had explained that when Darkhawk’s form changed, his system took on more damage than the ship could heal. Ned had explained how the crystals of Kahesha and the atmosphere of Jormal could possibly saved Darkhawk. Portal helped by getting the crystals, then teleporting Darkhawk to Jormal. Darkhawk crafts a necklace for himself, made of the healing crystals and teleports onto the ship, unleashing a blast from his chest instantly that drops several aliens. He then uses his laser eyes to sever the ties that held Portal and Ned.

Darkhawk is struck, but Portal manages to regain his composure and gets his gun, buying them the time they need to escape into a portal. The alien, by the name of Cag, swears he will follow Portal’s signature using the Darkhawk Ship and kill everyone.

On Earth, a robber runs by Chris. Chris attempts to tackle him to stop him, but the robber hits Chris with a gun and bolts. Laura, who had been with Chris, scolded him and reminded him that he wasn’t a super hero anymore and he couldn’t do those kinds of things anymore. Elsewhere, Mike Powell and his partner, for the Private Eye group, Harry, break into a SOHO Antique Shop to get a vase. As Mike searches for the vase, Larry seems to regret the things he has to do to Mike in the very near future. Elsewhere, Norbert approaches Grace to bribe Ivy Geller. When Grace refuses, Norbert shows her an edited video of her accepting the bribe. She’s forced to do as he asks and takes the money. Yet again, elsewhere, Jon burns all of his books, and when Jason asks why, Jon explains he can’t stand being a freak and being disliked by his own brother.

Back on Jormal, Portal, Ned and Darkhawk appear through a portal and lay Darkhawk among the crystals which rapidly begins healing him. When they head back to Earth, they find themselves immediately under attack by the Mahari. Darkhawk creates a force field to protect them. The Mahari decide they will go kill others who do not have a force field to hide behind…