Nova #27 (V5)

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Nova #27 (V5)

This issue is a part of the WAR OF KINGS saga.

The issue begins with Richard, Marrow and Irani going through a Stargate and Worldmind informing him that he has picked up a signature that may be Robbie’s. Richard asks for the coordinates and focuses on the Stargate exit. They land on the planet and discover gateways to the Negative Zone are being used to reinforce Vulcan’s army. Marrow expresses concern about engaging with them, since this was intended to be a smash and grab mission. When they take to the air again, they are almost instantly blasted from the air. When Richard looks up he sees it’s none other than Blastaar!

Elsewhere, Strontian demands that Robbie take the gravity pulse field off of her – and that trying to hold her down is futile. Lord Ravenous warns Robbie that she will slaughter them. Robbie offers Lord Ravenouse sanction from the war, under Galactic Council Treaty. Lord Ravenous accepts, but Robbie explains that they can’t leave because it is taking every ounce of power to hold Strontian down. He also explains that he had run silent to be sure he could get the drop on Strontian, but his suit was now broadcasting and that the rest of the Nova Centurions should arrive.

Nearby, Marrow and Irani attack Blastaar – despite Rich telling them to stand down. Blastaar, with use of a Cosmic Control Rod, is able to easily swat them aside. Rich pleads with Blastaar, who then explains that he is King of the Negative Zone and has learned mercy. He grants Richard fifteen minutes to find his brother, before he razes Lord Ravenous’ castle to the ground. Pz’no, of the Praetorians, questions Blastaar’s grant of mercy, explaining that his leader, Stronian is in there as well. King Blastaar turns to the Shi’ar and explains that he’s giving the Shi’ar fifteen minutes as well to do what they need, before everyone is considered an enemy.

Elsewhere, Stronian remarks how Robbie’s hold is slipping, and that he is exerting himself beyond his body’s limit. Just then Richard manages to hail Robbie through the intercom. Robbie explains that he has Stronian arrested, but not sure how much longer she will remain “arrested.” Just then, Robbie shouts for help – then it goes silent. Marrow remains to fight the army swarming around them and tells Irani to follow Richard who has blasted off to hone in on Robbie’s signal. Richard arrives to see Stronian standing, her hands covered in blood, and both Robbie and Lord Ravenous are lying next to her…