Nova #4 (V4)

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Nova #4 (V4)

The issue begins with Nova charging Annihilus’ ship. Quasar tries to tell Nova not to engage the enemy ship alone, but Nova will not listen. Nova begins tearing through and blasting ships, using the fact that he’s small, to dodge between the armada of ships.

With massive amounts of energy, power and determination, Nova single-handedly begins decimating the Annihilus fleet. However, Quasar comes to his rescue just before he is bombarded with laser fire.

Nova and Quasar agree that they don’t need to win the fight – even at the cost of their lives – they just need to keep Annihilus and his army of destruction occupied for at least ten minutes while the Aakons escape through the Star Gate.

Drax communicates with Nova, explaining that this all seems to be lead by Annhilus and the only way to stop it was to kill Annhilus.

Elsewhere, Annihilus determines that acquiring the energy of the Quantum Bands and the Nova Force Energy, supersedes destroying the planet. Drax tells Nova that he’s reading an opening to the capital ships – the vessels that Annihilus should be aboard.

They break through enemy fire and smash into Annihilus’ ship, but are effortlessly batted away by Annihilus himself. Nova is rendered unconscious and Quasar tries to make a stand against Annihilus. Annihilus however manages to form a shield around Quasar’s arms and begins to siphon Quasar’s quantum power. Quasar’s body erupts into energy, and soon, he is no more.

Nova regains consciousness and strikes Annhilus. Annihilus tries to siphon Nova’s powers; but instead WorldMind taps into Annihilus and broadcasts the message that the Annihilation Wave feed on itself. Nova quickly makes his escape, and Annihilus does the same.

Drax and Cammi find Nova adrift in space and save him. Nova opens up a Star Gate for them, allowing them to escape, after explaining that Quasar has died at Annhilus’ hands.

(This continues in Annihilation #1)