Nova #7 (V2)

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Nova #7 (V2)

Note: This is Part 6 of 8 of TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

The story thus far begins with the male Sphinx having drained all of the near infinite power of the energy of Ka that had been contained in his female counterpart. Also, to protect his interest, Sphinx scattered the New Warriors across space and time.

Elsewhere, on Earth – a “new” New Warriors has been formed to find the original New Warriors, consisting of: Turbo, Bandit, Hindsight Lad, Darkhawk, Powerpax, and Dagger.

Elsewhere, in another time, Nova continues to train with the Nova of the alternate reality. The alternate reality Nova explains that the only way that Rich is ever going to be able to return home, to his own timeline; is going to be by believing in himself, and unleashing his true potential as he rips through a Star Gate.

Rich takes off towards the Star Gate; the sound barrier snapping before him like a dry twig; sub-light speed comes seconds after; and in that moment he knows he can do everything that is required of him.

He knows that not only can he rip through the Star Gate, but he can do everything else. He is Rich Rider – he is the man called Nova.

And as he approaches the Star Gate, energy crackles about it; engulfing Nova within its odd vortex; and then – he is gone.

The scene shifts to Rage chasing down some of the very slaves he had previously liberated; finding that the slave traders spoke the truth. None of the slaves had returned to the village, because they had been sold off as slaves; most of them found guilty of crimes by the tribal elders, and forbidden to return.

Returning to the village – the slavers talk with the tribe elders, who not only confirm what the slavers had said; but offer to hunt down those that had gotten away. Rage tries to explain that it would create a circle of hate, that hundreds of years later, would still never be broken – yet they seem all too willing to accept it.

Time shift, and perhaps another reality all together, away – Firestar finds herself in a similar dilemma. The Witch who found her has offered her to send her home – if, and only if – Firestar is willing to help hand pick those Witches that need to be handed over for execution. The Witch tries to convince Firestar that she is the most powerful being – and that she could easily rule the world, but Firestar counters with the fact that she has absolutely no interest in “ruling the world.” The Witch tells Firestar that there’s only three things that can be done – first, flee; second, fight for the right to co-exist, though knowing it’s a lost cause; and third, conquer the world. Firestar convinces the Witch to ask her coven what they would like to do. And so Firestar sets the Witch on the path of freedom of choice.

Scene shifts back to the present where Dagger and Cloak part ways, with Cloak refusing to help the “new” New Warriors. And in the meantime, Egypt disappears…