Nova #22 (V1)

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Nova #22 (V1)

The issue begins with three men robbing a bank – but before they can enjoy their profits, Diamondhead bursts into the room claiming that he wants them to work for him. They offer resistance – but it proves to be futile and the three men agree to join Diamondhead.

The scene changes to Rich and his family at the beach where he shows them his powers. Another scene shift shows Mike thinking about the man whom he had brought to the hospital – which leads to the next scene of that man in the hospital, with his entire body glowing. He then melts the wall and escapes claiming to be “The Comet.” The Comet flies and sees Mike Burley and lands in front of him. Mike recalls where he saw “The Comet” who supposedly disappeared in the 1950’s – but looks no older than thirty years of age! Harris Moore, the Comet, explains how a light had chased him from the skies one night and bathed him in red radiation.

The scene shifts to the three thugs whom Diamondhead recruited – as they set off an explosive as Nova flies by. Nova flies in to make quick work of them – but finds that Diamondhead has toppled a large wall on top of him. The thugs rob the jewelry store just as the police arrive. Diamondhead makes his escape as Comet shows up and helps Nova.

At Diamondhead’s home his television comes on and a mysterious figure appears, informing him that Nova is still alive and has teamed up with Comet. Diamondhead smashes the television claiming he needs no help from anyone and that he alone with destroy Nova and Comet.