Nova #19 (V6)

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Nova #19 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam Alexander, with his mother and sister, looking at a new apartment to live in, since their home was foreclosing. His mother signs the contract, and Sam barks back angrily at the manager that they don’t need a moving company; that he was going to do it himself. Inside the car, Sam’s mother scolds him for his tone, and Sam thinks to himself that he realizes he’s not angry about moving; but because he had recently discovered that someone had murdered the Watcher; and not only that, Sam had a vision of his own father – and it turned out, if the vision was to believed – that Sam’s father was not the great hero that everyone made him out to be.

Sam is asked to be dropped off, and takes off as Nova and meets up with Rocket Raccoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy several light years away. As Nova and Rocket stroll through a small space village, they make short work of a band of ruthless mercenaries, until the mercenaries call for back up. As Nova and Rocket escape in Rocket’s ship, Nova explains that in the vision, his father murdered another golden-helm Nova Corp (just like his father was at the time), and that a Nova Corp with a Black helm similar to the one Sam wore now, watched and waited, then “promoted” his father for murdering the other Nova Corp and made him a Black Helm Nova Corp. Nova goes on to explain that the Black Nova Corp’s name was “Adomox” – to which Rocket grabbed Nova and asked if he was sure that was the name – because Adomox owed Rocket some serious money.

Rocket takes Nova to a floating junkyard, of epic proportions, called Oblitus. Rocket explains that Adomox owns the Casiono in Oblitus; and he’s one of the most powerful aliens on Oblitus. Rocket proposes that they go in – shoot to kill – since weapons are not allowed inside the casino. Nova proposes a different, more subtle idea, in which he wears Rocket on top of his head like a hat. They managed to make it inside the elevator, where they’re greeted by a guard, who they quickly take care of. Rocket takes the guard’s gun and they approach Adomox, who was expecting more ladies of the evening. An alarm is triggered, and Rocket tells Nova to get the answers quick – and he will take care of the approaching guards; because when Rocket’s done with Adomox, he won’t be able to talk – possibly even breathe.

Adomox explains that the Black Novas were never a part of the Nova Corps, really – they shared one idea – that the Nova Corps were not powerful enough. Adomox went on to explain, that in the Nova Corps, the higher your rank – the more power you got – but that left the true power to only a few. The Black Nova Corps, used their helmets, and removed all those “safety” nets and used the Nova Force at full power, no matter their “rank.” Adomox went on to say, that Sam’s father killed the Nova Corpsman that had discovered the secret of the Black Nova Corps and was on his way to report them. Unbeknownst to Nova and Rocket, Adomox releases a poison into the room and injects himself with an antidote, explaining that he has only the golden Nova Corp helmet. He offers to give the antidote to Rocket and Nova – after they go to a remote planet and fetch a machine that will reprogram Sam’s Black Nova Helm, so that Adomox can have it.