New Warriors #4 (V4)

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New Warriors #4 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with Officer Granville speaking with Officer Chang, about how things happen around the facility, when he stumbles upon Officer Givens and Officer Sykes, shrunk and taped against a door with a sign that reads, “Toy Cops.”

Hank Pym, better known as Yellowjacket, is called in to help examine what has happened. Pym notes that while the molecules used are similar to the Pym Particles he discovered, they’re not the same – and are actually closer to the molecules once discovered by his assistant, Bill Foster.

Pym restores the officers to their proper size and gets a report from Officer Granville that she had requested that shows that nine companies have been shown moving large electronic equipment; and not only are they all off shore companies, but they’re subsidiaries of Wakanda Corp.

The scene shifts to Tony Stark, now the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. when Secretary Kooning calls. The two exchange comments as to why Stark has not done anything about the New Warriors yet, and that they’re becoming a political embarrassment towards the organization of The Initiative.

The scene shifts again, this time we see Kaz and Grace observing Night Thrasher make quick work of his teammates during a training session. Night Thrasher complains that everyone was pathetic against him, and that training sessions will be doubled now. He pulls Wondra aside and they begin talking about Sophia, who Wondra believes will never join; but Night Thrasher seems confident that she will be joining them sooner before later.

They go on to discuss where the team stands, as of now, training wise, and how they’re in desperate need of improving their combat skills. Wondra takes offense and claims that Night Thrasher is hardly ever around, and that how are they supposed to be behind the team, when they don’t even know who he is. Wondra mentions that they don’t think it’s Dwayne who survived the blast; but then she begins pondering who it is; and she believes she knows who it is.

Before she can say much more, the television reports of “terror in Manhattan” as a new version of the Zodiac Team arrives and beats up s rogue team from the Initiative, led by former New Warriors member, Rage.

The scene shifts to the diner where Sophia works and there is a massive explosion outside that marks the arrival of the Zodiac Team. However, the New Warriors are there to meet the Zodiac Team head on. They function rapidly as a team, using their strengths to take down the members of the Zodiac team, but Cancer catches Longstrike off guard, and in one quick blast, ends the life of Longstrike. The other New Warriors watched in horror as it all happened…