New Warriors #7 (V4)

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New Warriors #7 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with what appears to be a flash back or memory of Night Thrasher busting some armed dealers within a warehouse. When it comes to, it’s Night Thrasher standing over the grave of Dwayne Michael Taylor, the original Night Thrasher and founder of New Warriors.

Night Thrasher recalls a poem taught to him by Dwayne Taylor, and he recalls how he and Dwayne once got along – or the lack there of. We learn through a series of these flashbacks that the man wearing the Night Thrasher armor now is none other than the new Night Thrasher – Donyell Taylor.

While he’s standing at Dwayne’s grave, he is visited by Silhouette Chord.

The scene leaves that dramatic moment, and shifts gears to the New Warriors trying to put their gear together in the dark as a form of training – so that they will not only be familiar with their gear, and how it works inside and out – but will hopefully be able to repair it – if the need ever arises.

Barry explains that this is all a part of a larger conspiracy called “The Garner Papers” – in which a gentleman by the name of Cliff Garner had planned out specific condition in order to utilizing super human beings as weapons and militaristic purposes. Angel tries to take Chris’ mind off the loss of his sister – but he bats away her attempt and quickly exits the room in tears. Jubilee tells the others to keep training and takes Sophia into another room.

Elsewhere, a conference is held where former member of the New Warriors, Ultra-Girl, is placed in charge of an organization by The Initiative called The Junior Guardsmen. And when asked about the current New Warriors, she says that they’re reckless and untrained, and one of their own – Longstrike – paid for that.

Justice confronts Ultra-Girl and confesses that everything about this and the Young Guardsmen sits ill with him – and that there seems to be something more dangerous at stake now.

Scene shifts once more and we see Jubilee showing Sophia their room of sophisticated gear – and a robot named P-Jack makes its first appearance, and coming off as extremely rude to Sophia. We discover from Jubilee that most of their equipment was obtained shortly after Scarlet Witch had caused Avengers Mansion to explode. Night Thrasher had obtained most of the hardware and schematics on various suits of armor and equipment before Stark was able to swoop in and confiscate the rest of the material.

The scene shifts again and we see Night Thrasher confronting Silhouette. He asks her if she’s there to turn him in – and she warns him that Stark and the Initiative will hunt him and the rest of the New Warriors down like dogs. He looks away and asks if she’s finished. They begin to battle back and forth about the mistakes of their past when they’re interrupted by Midnight’s Fire!