Night Thrasher #21 (V2)


Night Thrasher #21 (V2)

The issue opens up with Rage holding Mr. Grind by the throat. Mr. Grind commands the young children under his control to stop Rage. Before Rage can inflict any fatal injuries, Night Thrasher shows up and attempts to calm Rage down – but is eventually forced to pepper spray him. Mr. Grind uses that opportunity to flee.

Rage, even more furious than ever that his one friend – Night Thrasher – would betray him when he had Mr. Grind in his hands – leaves. Night Thrasher pays a visit to Imperial Studios as Dwayne Taylor, the very production company that made the Ballistic Storm Rising movie, requesting all the information he could get on Ballistic Storm and the villain, Phat Chance. Sprocket then tears into Dwayne saying that Rage is not emulating Ballistic Storm – he’s emulating Night Thrasher himself.

Night Thrasher finds Mr. Grind’s base and waits for Rage to appear. When Mr. Grind barks commands at Night Thrasher, Night Thrasher hits him and renders him unconscious, which frees the children from Mr. Grind’s hold. Rage steps forward and swears he will make Mr. Grind pay – but Night Thrasher comes between him and Mr. Grind and explains to Rage that he needs to heal. Rage, in a tearful confession, explains that he doesn’t feel good about himself because sometimes he tries to remember Granny Staple’s face and can’t see her clearly. Night Thrasher ensures him that he will be okay.

And so ends this volume of the Night Thrasher series.